Steel vs. Aluminum: Which Canopy Should You Choose?

Choosing the right canopy boils down to two big choices: steel or aluminum? In this article, Panel Built breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of using a steel canopy.

Feb 282024

How to Build A Grow Room: FAQs Answered

Panel Built answers the most popular questions on what makes an effective commercial grow room.

Feb 142024

Why Privacy Pods Can Make a Better Office Environment

When it comes to the health and productivity of employees in the office, a little privacy can make all the difference. See how privacy pods can benefit your office.

Jan 312024

5 Modular Construction Innovations to Keep an Eye On

Construction is changing, and modular construction is at the forefront of innovation. Find out what to watch out for with these 5 modular construction innovations.

Jan 182024

Unlocking the Tax Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction comes with big tax advantages. Find out why and what you can save in this breakdown blog.

Jan 092024

Where to Meet Panel Built in 2024

2024 will be an exciting year for trade shows, and you can bet that Panel Built will be there. See the list of upcoming shows we'll be attending.

Jan 022024

What is an E-house?

E-houses, short for "electrical houses", are prefabricated substations used as electrical control buildings. These substations are popular with remotely-located industries and construction companies - and for good reason.

Dec 132023

Mobile Offices vs. Modular Offices: Explore the Difference

Learn the right applications for both mobile and modular solutions.

Oct 132023

Modular Buildings for Parks and Recreation: Elevating Experiences with Panel Built

Outdoor spaces have a certain magic about them, often places of joy and tranquility. In parks and recreation areas, this is amplified with the presence of well-constructed structures, leading to enriched visitor experiences. This is where modular buildings, with their versatility and efficiency, play a pivotal role.

Sep 272023

What is a Sandwich Panel?

In the most basic terms, a sandwich panel is a panel type composed of three (or sometimes more) materials that are adhered together to form one. Sandwich panels are used in a variety of applications in the construction industry from roof panels to floor panels to the very walls that make up a building itself.

Sep 272023

What is a SCIF Room? A Deep Dive into the Fortress of Classified Information

In today's age of rapid technological advancements and increasingly complex geopolitical scenarios, the protection of sensitive information has never been more crucial.

Sep 192023

What are the Requirements for a Military Rappelling Tower?

Backed by insights from our years in the construction field, we are here to guide you through the intricate world of military rappelling towers.

Sep 042023

How to Set Up a Shipping and Receiving Area for Maximum Efficiency

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, optimizing your shipping and receiving processes can enhance your overall supply chain management.

Aug 022023

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Modular and Portable Buildings

This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the differences between modular and portable buildings, their diverse applications, and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Jun 012023

What's the Difference Between a Live Load and a Dead Load

Dead load and live load are crucial concepts in structural engineering. Dead load refers to the permanent weight of a structure and its components, while live load represents the variable, transient loads imposed by occupancy.

May 252023

What is a Lactation Pod?

  For many women who choose to breastfeed, having a supportive environment is crucial to ensure the successful continuation of this natural and beneficial practice. Lactation pods are safe and private spaces designed specifically for nursing mothers. We will explore the significance of lactation pods and why they are needed in various settings.

May 122023

What is a 3rd Party Program?

How to make the process simple.

Mar 272023

Is There Such Thing as Bulletproof?

There is no such thing as completely bulletproof material since all materials have their limitations of stopping power against different types of bullets and projectiles...

Feb 172023

Challenging Traditional Construction with the Innovation of Modular Building

Unlike traditional construction, modular building uses pre-fabricated units that are assembled on site. This makes the process of constructing a building much faster and more efficient.

Dec 202022