Portable Guard Houses - The First Line of Defense

A large business tends to deal with sensitive information. It’s not hard to end up with rivals that would love to see some of your more secret documents, or to have less desirable people hoping to steal some of your supplies. Whatever the cause, it’s...

Apr 082016

The Top Three Advantages for Custom Mezzanines

When you think of a mezzanine, chances are you’re thinking of the second story in a theater, or the place where the more affordable tickets are hidden. However, a mezzanine, by definition, is simply a glorified balcony in a larger room, creating a pseudo-second story...

Apr 062016

How Modular Buildings Can Become a Solution for School Overcrowding

Schools these days are becoming more and more crowded, and don’t have a lot of options for stretching out. First, most schools are landlocked, and can’t expand past their set borders because of a lack of land. Second, schools barely have the financing to pay...

Apr 042016