How Guard Houses Boost Your Workplace Security

With global and public eye concentrating on violent attacks both domestic and abroad, many companies and corporations have looked for a better way to provide protection for their employees and their business as a whole.  Certain organizations immediately raise their red flag when security risks...

Jul 282016

Stick-Built Versus Prefabricated Construction: Infographic

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Jul 262016

Warehouse Organization and Mezzanine Floors

Understandably, inventory can get out of control in your warehouse at any time. Whether it is a seasonal fluctuation in goods, over buying, or just simply growth in your organization, warehouse overcrowding is not always a bad thing, but it will always bring bad results. ...

Jul 212016

10 Hard Facts on Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings and modular construction have been around for years. The practice of prefabricated construction started out as a method of getting quality housing out to rural areas, however over the years, the practice has been used more as a way to increase productivity and...

Jul 152016

Fire Rated Wall Systems: A Beginner’s Guide

Fire rated wall systems can be an extremely important part of your modular building project.  After all, having extra fire protection for employees or equipment can be essential to company safety. However, these fire ratings on wall systems can include a lot of different terminology...

Jul 132016