How Modular Construction Works

Modular construction has been around since the early 19th century when Henry Manning designed and constructed cottage components in the United Kingdom and shipped them over to Australia to be erected.  However, despite having existed for over 150 years, modular construction still seems to be...

Oct 212016

Improving Government Projects with Modular Construction

With so many companies and corporations making use of modular construction, it stands to reason that government entities could benefit from its advantages as well. Plus, our government utilizing a method of construction that is not only  more efficient, but also more affordable than stick-built...

Oct 132016

Bulletproof vs Bullet Resistant Guard Booths: Which is Correct?

Bulletproof and bullet resistant are two terms that are thrown around a lot in the prefabricated guard booth industry, and sometimes they are even used interchangeably.  However, these two terms do have slightly different, separate meanings, and understanding the difference between the two is very...

Oct 042016