Modular Building Permitting and Inspection

Although they can sometimes seem like an extreme hassle to completing a project, building permits help to ensure the safety in the construction industry and their respective customers.  Building and structural permits ensure that all work done by a construction company meets a certain standard...

May 232017

Sustainable Construction Trends for 2017

In 2016, the construction industry pushed many new boundaries in their sector.  With a new focus on technology and safety, the industry made corrections to address two of its biggest issues waste and safety.  New and exciting technology first started to get its footing in...

May 122017

Increasing Site Safety with Modular Construction

The construction industry has to keep a constant eye on the overall safety and security of its employees due to the potential danger of all of their projects.  No matter what the job, there can be a chance for accidents and injuries.  In 2015, the...

May 052017