Installing Factory Walls: Benefits of Going Modular

Installing additional factory walls into your facility can be an incredibly long and arduous task for companies looking to specialize and/or subdivide their space. For facilities that are currently in operation, stick-built walls can create a great deal of chaos in your facility, requiring loud...

Feb 192021

Designing The Right Security Booth for Your Facility

Physical Security is a very important aspect for all facilities, whether you are protecting a company, school campus, or government facility.  However, the needs for each facility can vary greatly.  For example, the same security measures installed into the Pentagon would likely be overkill for...

Feb 122021

Benefits of Installing A Mezzanine In Your Warehouse

Panel Built, Inc. offers a variety of custom steel mezzanines and work platforms to solve a wide range of space solutions in your warehouse.  Each of our mezzanine projects is unique and specially tailored to the customer's particular space needs.  However, no matter the application,...

Feb 052021