Security Buildings: Small Structures with a Big Purpose

Modular Security Buildings Are A Fast & Efficient Way To Instantly Upgrade Your Facility's Physical Security.  Learn How Our Buildings Help You Enforce The Four D's of Physical Security

Sep 222021

Going Modular With Your Military Tower Project

Combining their pre-assembled buildings and structural steel platforms, Panel Built, Inc. seamlessly forms fully custom military tower systems for arms ranges, rappel & fast-rope training, sniper training, and more with the convenience and ease of modular construction!

Sep 142021

Implementing Good Manufacturing Practices: Pharmaceutical GMPs

Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of guidelines set forth by the FDA to regulate the manufacturing environment of pharmaceuticals. 

Sep 092021

5 Ways to Make Your Facility Safer With Panel Built

Panel Built offers more than just office & storage space solutions!  See all the different ways Panel Built can help make your facility a safer place to work. 

Sep 022021