5 Ways to Improve Your Data Center Physical Security


5 Ways to Improve Your Data Center Physical Security

When people talk about data security, they often focus on the digital space. Needless to say, protecting software against viruses, hackers, and other virtual data breaches is essential; however, data managers should not underestimate the importance of data center physical security.

According to a study by Security Intelligence, a blog by IBM Security, 10% of malicious breaches were caused by a physical security compromise in 2020. These breaches amounted to $4.46 million in damages.

 In 2021, an Amazon Web Service center was targeted for a bombing. Thankfully, authorities arrested the would-be culprit before the attack could happen, but this incident illustrates a genuine danger to these centers.

 Preventing physical breaches depends on a security-conscious staff, a well-designed structure, and excellent equipment. That's why we've listed some of the best security solutions to improve your data center's physical security.

Physical Security Solutions

Guard Shacks

The best place to stop a security threat is before it reaches your front door. A guard shack at your entry point allows access control and direct monitoring. These guard shacks can be modified for your particular environment, whether it's a low-risk area where you only need mounted lighting or a high-risk area where you need a gunport installed.


An entry vestibule is an extra room added to the exterior of a building, which can act as an access control point. A vestibule can regulate the flow of personnel into a building and enhance security protocols. For example, facility staff can survey and verify traffic going in and out of the building, preventing unauthorized access or the removal of sensitive materials. These vestibules can also accommodate security features such as badge scanners or pin-pads, which add an additional layer of regulation.


Data centers are as valuable as they are sensitive, which means they also, unfortunately, attract bad actors. In high-risk areas, these centers need to be protected from the threat of violence. Ballistic paneling of the facility, specifically for crucial security points like guard shacks and vestibules, ensures a heightened level of protection for equipment and personnel.

Camera Systems

YCCTV cameras are a tried-and-true method of improving data center physical security. Not only can they record a criminal incident, but they can also act as a deterrent by simply being present. However, it's important to consider what kind of system would best serve your facility. Real-time CCTV cameras connected to monitors in a control area or guard booth enable an immediate response to a physical breach. An infrared camera or motion-sensitive lighting near the camera can ensure 24/7 surveillance. Some camera systems have analytics that can detect and report suspicious activity.

Education and Awareness

A joint study by Stanford University Professor Jeff Hancock and security firm Tessian found that 88% of data breaches are a result of employee mistakes. Even the most advanced security system can be thwarted by an ignorant or careless act by an insider, such as a door left propped open or an acquaintance of an employee being invited in without authorization.

Your employees need to be refreshed and kept up-to-date on the policy for data center physical security. An annual refresher course, an incentive system for learning, and reminder posters are some of the ways you can keep employees informed.

Panel Built Provides

While we can't train your employees for you, we can give you the best in modular security. Panel Built's robust security solutions include entry vestibules, guard shacks, and military-tested ballistic panels for your custom security needs.

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