6 Benefits of Modular Construction


Although modular construction is not a new practice by any means, many people may not know a whole lot about the process and benefits of this specific form of production. When we create modular structures, we design, engineer, and construct each project in our own controlled factory setting. When the construction phase of the project is finished, we ship the structure to our client for installation. Through Panel Built and GSA, purchasers can not only order building systems but all of the installation and ancillary services necessary to provide a complete and ready-to-use facility as well. We can build our products to meet all OSHA and IBC requirements, as well as the building codes in each state. With that little bit of background, let’s look at the main benefits of building modular!   Office on Mezzanine

1. Architectural Design

  When looking at the modular construction, the design stage is arguably the most important portion of the process. Modular construction allows you to streamline the architectural design process because the project starts off-site where it is much easier to work out the kinks in development before the actual project itself is undertaken. We use Computer-aided design (CAD) systems to draft and document the entire project, and because our buildings are constructed in modules, in our factory, every piece has to be perfectly planned out to ensure everything fits together perfectly. For this reason, Panel Built takes the phrase “measure twice, cut once” to heart.

2. Customization

With a large emphasis on design, customization becomes another great advantage of the modular construction process. Modular units, like our in-plant offices, can be designed to seamlessly fit into the structure of a pre-existing warehouse or factory. Also, our exterior units can be made to fit in with the aesthetics and layout of its site-built counterparts. Plus, modular offices and buildings are not all that we offer. We provide mezzanines, stair systems, and ladders which can help you add space to your buildings by adding a second layer of usable space. At Panel Built, we pride ourselves on listening to our client’s needs and providing creative solutions within their budgets.

3. Going Green

Prefabricated Building   Modular construction provides added benefits for the environment as well. Our precision in design means that our projects rarely result in wasted material. Also, with 60% to 90% of the construction process taking place in a factory setting, any excess material that we do have can be easily managed and recycled without difficulty. The factory setting also allows us to construct our projects without any influence from the weather, so the threat of moisture being trapped in the materials decreases significantly, improving air quality. Plus, through fewer workers and equipment at the installation site, there will be less site disturbance in comparison to traditional construction methods. With the growing emphasis on sustainability in today’s world, the modular building provides a shining example of progress in the construction world.

4Modular Construction Process. Speed of Process

  Often the most critical aspect of a project is the timeline to from start to finish. Modular construction provides to benefits in this realm. First off, the construction phase and the site development phase of the job occur simultaneously! This leaves only the installation left for the project to be complete. Because these two parts are done at the same time, modular construction projects are typically completed 30% - 50% sooner than their conventional construction counterparts. Secondly, since construction takes place in an assembly-line like, factory setting, there is a smaller chance of unexpected delays in the construction process, allowing you to better control the project timeline.  
Security Railing  

5. Safety

  No matter what your industry, safety should always be your top priority. Modular construction improves the overall safety of the construction process by removing around 80% of building construction activity. The simplicity of modular building methods requires fewer workers and fewer “moving parts” on the job, resulting in fewer accidents. In fact, “Safety Management in the Construction Industry SmartMarket Report” states that "Firms using prefabrication … have significantly higher adoption levels of nearly all the safety practices measured in the survey." Overall, the modular building process provides a much more orderly workplace for the construction crew and helps foster an emphasis on safety and focus in the factory.  

6. Strength of Structure

  Before your modular building is installed into its site, the structure must first be shipped, oftentimes fully intact. Because you cannot always ensure smooth sailing and perfect road conditions, our buildings are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and assembly. Therefore, modular buildings must inherently be built stronger in order for them to retain their structural integrity through and after transportation. In fact, when FEMA studied the destruction from Hurricane Andrew in Miami, they found that modular homes fared best compared to other construction types.  
Here at Panel Built, we believe in quality over everything else. We are always working hard towards improving our products, our process, and ourselves for our customers. We understand you trust us to provide you with the best product money can buy. From concept to completion, our superb Sales, Customer Service, Engineering and Installation teams will work with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your project. When you work with us, you know you’re getting the most cost effective solution for your business. If you think that Modular Construction is right for you, get a free quote on your project, directly from our sales people!