Panel Built, Customization, and You


At Panel Built, we understand that all of our customers have varying needs for each of their projects. In some cases, urgency is key. They may need one of our products as soon as possible, like a guard house within a week.  But in other cases, a strong attention to detail and a perfectly tailored structure is needed, like developing a three story air-attack training tower.  We cater to both of these types of clients because we believe in total customer satisfaction.  At Panel Built, we pride ourselves on listening to our client’s needs and providing creative solutions within their budgets.  For this reason, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive a product designed to meet their exact requirements with 100% satisfaction. Two Story In-Plant  

What to Consider when Planning your Modular Construction Project

Where will the project be located? The location of the project will have a heavy impact on the dimensions of the structure, as well as the materials of which the structure will be made. What is environment around this project? The environment around the project can also affect the materials needed, and perhaps even extra protection via barrier or safety railing How fast does the project need to be completed? When considering a new project, always keep in mind that the modular construction process requires around 30%-50% less time than traditional construction. Will the project involve any special requirements? From fire resistance to sound control, we can specialize your project to best fit your specific needs.

Examples of our Made-To-Order Projects

 HurricaneBuilding Oceaneering Multiflex A company based in Panama City that needed two operator control cabins to house sensitive equipment. However, they also needed it to be elevated, and able to withstand high winds in the middle of “Hurricane Alley.” We designed, engineered and constructed both structures with unique slanted walls and impact resistant tempered glass to give it a 130 mph wind load rating and a reduced glare from the sun. RobinsAFOffice Robins Air Force Base The base needed modular office facilities with very tight time constraints. The offices needed to be capable of withstanding 50 mph wind loads, be weather proof, and needed to have one-hour fire rated material.  After a few proposals, Panel Built submitted this three story in-plant office system that satisfied all of the requirements in a quick fashion. Overall, we at Panel Built are eager to help you with any project, big or small. Whether it’s a standard in-plant office or an Air Traffic Control Tower for an Army Airfield, we provide superior quality, dependable service, and innovative solutions. We invite you to experience the Panel Built difference and get a free quote today!