Prefabricated Military Buildings


Many different companies and corporations use modular construction to fix their space needs swiftly, and the US military is no different.  Being a GSA contract holder, Panel Built, Inc. has a solid history working on these government projects.  With military modular construction projects across the United States, Panel Built has built up a large list of previous Military Customers.

Ballistic Buildings

TGuard Shackhe facilities under the greatest amount of risk across the entire globe are those facilities that are military and government related. Multiple reasons make these types of area "high-threat," and therefore, in high need of ballistic rated protection. The number one reason, that is common between the two types, is the valuable intel that each of these facilities holds. Unfortunately, government facilities have historically been highly targeted for violent attacks as well, especially those facilities that are on the federal level. For this reason, these facilities will typically have the higher ballistic protection. Specifically for military facilities, they will also typically have a large variety of weapons and ammo as well which inherently raises the risk level.


Panel Built's prefabricated ballistic buildings help military facilities mitigate this risk by providing a high-security access control point at the perimeter of their facility. When looking at the design of the access point’s guard house, a great deal of effort should go into ensuring the well being and day to day comfort of the security officer. In all cases, the guardhouse should be designed to have a clear line of sight of the approach of any potential traffic. Plus, the building should provide the officer with proper protection against hostility at a level that is equal to the potential threat level. In this case, the threat level is obviously much higher and will typically require the guard house to have a certain level of ballistic rated protection. These ballistic levels are typically graded in one of two ways, by Underwriters Lab or National Institute of Justice... 

UL Bullet Resistance Ratings


NIJ Bullet Resistant Ratings


Range & Rappel Towers

IRange Towersn our next application, our towers provide a clear view of firing ranges.  The United States Air Force alone operates approximately 7 million acres of military ranges in the United States. Military and police officials use these areas to simulate real-life combat situations, as well as the testing of firearms and other munitions.  The main focus of these areas is to ensure the men and women in training are performing all of their tasks up to the expectations of their supervisors.  So, as you can imagine, a range tower provides their superior with the perfect view to see everything they are doing right (and wrong).  These towers are typically designed with an exterior deck around the building to allow for observing from all angles.


Rappel towers are used for training military personnel to general public use for rock climbing or zip lines. In any case, these towers must be safe and sturdy to serve their purpose. Panel Built designs towers to meet IBC regulations and finishes with our powder coat system for extra durability. Towers can be designed with multiple platforms and options of stair systems and cage ladders depending on the specific purpose of the project.  Rappel towers ensure that all of your team members are adequately prepared for all types of scenarios. Additionally, these towers can be dual purposed for shooting/sniper training and attack drills.

Mezzanines and Modular Offices

Modular Office

Although the first two structures are probably more tailored to military customers, Panel Built makes mezzanines and modular offices for military customers as much as anyone.  Our steel mezzanine systems are frequently utilized as work platforms or storage areas at Air Force Bases.  However, steel mezzanine systems offer a quick and affordable way to increase the amount of usable space in facilities of nearly all types.  With usable space quickly growing in demand and price, mezzanine systems allow expanding units to utilize all of the unused space above their facility floor, doubling the amount space.  Panel Built works with our customers to find the space solutions that fit their specific requirements. Whether you need a standard platform or a wholly unique design, we are always more than willing to manufacture the structure that fits their needs. Two or three story systems, triangular, L-shaped, Panel Built has the ability and experience to provide the perfect solution.  Mezzanine systems are designed and manufactured for maximum durability.  Mezzanine pounds per square foot rating is typically 125, but that number can be lowered or raised to meet your needs.


Our modular office systems have been utilized in a variety of military applications over our history. From temporary barracks to Air Force supply warehouse offices, our inplant buildings are great at adapting to fit the need of the user.  Whether a simple 10x10 box is needed or a complete two-story office building, we can design, engineer, manufacture, ship, and install the project completely turn-key.  Our composite panels can be made out of a variety of different materials to fit their environment. One Hour Fire Rated panels are extremely popular in military facilities with a high fire risk, while our steel facing panels make for a good fit in tougher conditions.  You name the problem, we'll provide you with a panel type that will be right for you.


Panel Built GSA Info

Panel Built, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of modular offices, mezzanines, and guard houses to the United States government through GSA.  Working in Schedule Title 56 of GSA, Buildings and Building Materials, Panel Built often is working on facilities in military bases and government buildings across the United States.  GSA Contact

Phone: 1-800-636-3873

FAX: 1-800-594-3245



Contract #:GS-07F-0186X

Contract Period: January 1, 2011, thru December 31, 2020

Duns #:88-4472135


AWARDED SINS :361-10A, 361-10B, 361-10D, 361-10E, 361-10G, 361-10H, 361-30, 361-32