Advantages of the Panel Built Guard Shack


guard_shackWhen you decide that you need a guard shack or other security structure for your company, then you definitely want to take a look at the possibilities that Panel Built has to offer. This company has the most sturdily built guard houses, guard shelters, guard booths, border inspection booths, observation towers and security access control checkpoints available on the market today. Because the Panel Built line of guard shacks is all prefabricated, it is easy to have them installed on your prepared site. The list of customers that have used Panel Built is lengthy: military installations, nuclear power plants, government entities, private businesses, and airports all around the world. The fact that Panel Built uses steel construction that is all welded, along with materials that are easy to maintain and durable over the long haul, means that their guard shacks have the most longevity. There are several security upgrades that you can order to customize the guard house to the requirements of your own location and to help your security officers feel secure and comfortable while on the job. If you want a bullet-resistant guard shack, you can certainly order the ballistic construction enhancements so that your building will do the job in environments that are more at risk. Within some industries, guard shacks or guard houses are called guard booths instead. No matter whether you call your building a security guard booth, a portable guard house, a security guard shack, or a security guard house, the name is much less important than the characteristics. Panel Built's buildings are portable and factory-assembled, meaning that they arrive on your site already prepared to solve your security sheltering problems. If you are looking for guard shack designs and drawings, we can provide them for just about every imaginable situation. If we haven't already put together a building for someone in a situation that is similar to yours, we will visit with you to gauge your needs accurately before we put your design proposal together. The very best way to begin the dialogue is for you to give us a basic thumbnail drawing showing the design ideas you have for your guard shack. Panel Built's experts are prepared to help you with that architecture and the floor plans for your own guard shack. guard shackTo get the very best guard house for your location and your budget over the long haul, give one of our customer service representatives at Panel Built a call. All it takes is a couple of minutes on the telephone for you to get a detailed quotation for the guard shack or guard house that will meet the needs of your situation. Whether the guard shack you need is standard, raised, trailer mounted, or even bullet resistant, there is a Panel Built guard shack ready to meet your needs and last longer than any of the structures that our competitors make. When you talk to one of our customer service professionals about the particulars of your guard structure, particularly one that is prefabricated, be ready to tell him the specific city and state where you plan to install the structure. The codes that govern structures vary from one city to the next, and from one state to the other as well. This means that if you give the representative the wrong city and state, you could end up with a design that does not pass inspection, adding expense and headaches to your project. Prefabricated guard buildings face the same requirements as any other pre-manufactured buildings, even though those structures can have widely different applications. The vast majority of Panel Built structures meet or beat the minimums for the model building codes. Another good piece of news is that you can amortize prefab guard shacks on your taxes if you record it correctly among your equipment. Chat with your accounting department or your financial advisor to see how you should record that prefab booth purchase. If you do a solid job figuring out your requirements and choosing a site, your guard shack should last years, if not decades. The staff at Panel Built stands ready to help you figure out your specific needs and set a price for your structure. Give one of our customer service staff members a call today!