All about the Panel Built Guard House


guard _ houseIf you are looking for a guard house that is well built and sturdy, look no further than the structures that Panel Built puts together. Whether you need a guard booth, border inspection booth, observation tower, security access control checkpoint or just a guard house, Panel Built has the prefabricated solution for your needs. The customer list for Panel Built is long and impressive. Government entities, airports, private companies, nuclear power plants, and American military installations in the United States and around the globe use Panel Built products. The key is the all-welded steel construction in the prefabricated guard structures. By using materials that are low maintenance and durable, Panel Built guarantees you longevity for your booths. Special features are available to customize the booth to your specific requirements and make sure that your officers are not just secure -- they are comfortable as well. If you are putting the booth in a risky environment, there are bullet-resistant options available for your purchase as well. Within some industries, the guard house or booth is called a guard shack. No matter whether you call this building a security guard booth, security guard house, portable guard house, or a security guard shack, the factory-built, portable buildings made of steel bring the right solution to your problem in need of security shelter solutions. Panel Built's experts offer you drawings and designs to ensure that your guard house order meets your requirements. It's likely that we have helped an entity with a similar setup in the past. However, if your needs are unique, or you are not happy with any of the plans that we have used for other clients, then we will collaborate with you to put together the right design for your particular needs. The easiest way to start this sort of dialogue is to send Panel Built a basic sketch showing the booth drawing or design concept. Panel Built is prepared to help you with your architecture needs and your floor plans. To get a guard house that is ideal for your particular location and well within your budgetary requirements over the long haul, give one of our customer service specialists a call here at Panel Built, It only takes a few minutes of time on the phone to get a quote specific to your needs for your guard shack or guard booth. Whether your situation calls for a standard structure, an elevated booth, a portable structure mounted on a trailer, or a bullet-resistant structure, there is a Panel Built guardhouse made of durable steel that will suit your situation and give you a satisfactory service life that is second to none. When you are talking to a Panel Built customer service specialist about your particular guard house, especially one that is prefabricated, you need to indicate the municipality and state where you plan to install your guard booth. Each state has its own codes governing factory assembled buildings, including prefabricated guard houses. This is why we need to know the state we are working with when we first talk to you. When you contact Panel Built to get your personalized quote, make sure you have that information in hand. Prefabricated guard houses all go together with other pre-manufactured buildings for the purposes of code considerations, although this practice ignores the vast variances in usual applications. However, if you have a guard house made by Panel Built, it will generally meet or usually go beyond the minimums for the majority of model building codes. Another piece of good news about a prefabricated guard shack is that you can amortize it for tax purposes if you can record it as the correct sort of equipment. Talk to a professional in your company's accounting department or your financial planner to see the correct steps you should take to record the purchase of your prefabricated guard booth properly. When you specify your needs correctly and order the right structure from Panel Built, you get a structure that will serve your needs for years and decades to come. Panel Built vows to work with you to get a sense of your needs and a clear budget for the particular building you need to shelter your guards. Give us a call today to get your individualized quote!