Available Modular Shipping Offices


Advice on finding the best Shipping Office Prices Online

cheap shipping office prices onlineWhen you are looking to invest in a modular shipping office, you can benefit from premium quality structures. Use shipping office prices online to assist you in finding competitive drwaings and quotes on your available options. One of the advantages of modular shipping office services available online will be the fast method of delivery. You can order your shipping office and have the structure delivered to you within as little as two business days.

Best Available Modular Shipping Offices for Sale

Modular shipping offices can provide your business with a secure, reliable and fast solution for your requirements off-site. The versatility of these sturdy structures can be used for a variety of reasons such as storage space or a safe and secure environment for your employees. If you run your business on a construction site it is always advisable to offer your workers with safety measures.

Companies that sell modular office shipping offices

The engineering teams and sales workers work together to craft the perfect office space. You can request a free quote and be sure to provide your requirements for receiving a more accurate quote. When you have decided on which shipping office will suit your needs and requirements, your office can reach you in two business days.

Cheap Shipping Office Prices Online

Be sure that you are dealing with companies that can give you with proof that they can provide you with materials of superior quality. Shipping offices usually adhere to the following:
  • The walls of the office’s come in 8 feet or 10 feet height
  • The Gyp panels feature a polystyrene core and these panels are protected by vinyl
  • The shipping offices are usually painted with an agreeable color
  • Matching trims and doors
  • A B deck roof
  • Choice of  white, grey or black
Before you place an order for your modular shipping office, decide on if you will need a customized structure. The standard designs available feature the following:
  • The door of the office will be 3-0, 6-0 X 7-0
  • The windows hold tempered glass that is ¼ inch in thickness
  • HVAC unit (standard)
  • The ceiling measures 2 X 4 feet
  • Batt insulation known as A 6
  • Basic electric equipment that will include troffer lights, switches and handy duplex receptacles
You can choose from three options for a HVAC unit that uses heat pumps or through wall options:
  • Amana 11,100 Heating(BTU) and 12,000 Cooling(BTU)
  • Amana 11,000 Heating (BTU) and 9,300 Cooling (BTU)
  • Amana 11,100 Heating (BTU) and 18,000 Cooling (BTU)
where to buy shipping office for saleThe best available modular shipping offices for sale come in three standard colors which include white, grey or champagne. If you require additional colors you can customize your order and include branding or any other options that will suit your requirements. When you have placed your order, be sure to choose from two of the freight options available. You can collect your own order or utilize the LTL carrier option. Depending on your required use out of your shipping office, you may want to consider cooling and heating needs. If you plan to use the office as a working environment be sure to take advantage of one of the powerful and effective cooling and heating systems. Shipping office prices online provides customers with exceptional customer support. If you have any questions you would like to ask about the shipping offices, make use of the friendly and professional services on customer support available. Customer support systems can assist you in choosing the best office solution. Each product manufactured is based at a facility that has the ability to accelerate the process of manufacturing and at the same time producing quality and durable office solutions. In addition the “Quick Ship” option allows you to receive your order in as little as two days. When you have chosen where to buy shipping office for sale you can benefit from the cost effective and affordable options available. The installation process is quick and you can have the entire structure assembled on your business property within minutes. Speak to a sales representative on any requests you may have, these may include the following: wall height, windows, special colors or branding, alternative door options. Choose your office today and benefit from fast, friendly services and a quality product.