Beat the Heat with Prefabricated Temperature Control Solutions


Beat the Heat with Prefabricated Temperature Control Solutions

As we approach the warmest season of the year, heat stress becomes an increasingly important issue. With 702 deaths and 67,512 emergency room visits annually in the United States due to environmental heat exposure, taking effective precautions is crucial. Whether your work environment is indoors or outdoors, having cool spaces is essential to maintain a comfortable and safe work setting.

Fortunately, modular building solutions offer an efficient and adaptable means to achieve temperature control. Modular buildings are quick to deploy and highly customizable to meet specific needs, providing a practical solution to combat heat stress in various work settings. From individual cool-down booths to comprehensive temperature-controlled workstations, modular structures can be tailored to create safe, comfortable environments where workers can thrive even in the hottest conditions.

Stand-Alone Solutions

There are a variety of stand-alone structures with temperature control that can help provide workers with a reprieve from the heat.

Cool Down Booths

Cool down booths are designed to provide temperature-controlled spaces for employees exposed to constant heat, reducing the risk of heat stress-related illness. These booths suit various high-temperature occupations, such as construction and welding. Available for indoor and outdoor use, these booths can be customized with different panel materials to meet specific needs, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

Control Booths

Control booths provide secure, temperature-controlled environments that protect personnel and sensitive equipment from extreme temperatures. These booths use robust wall systems and HVAC options to maintain a cool, distraction-free space. This dual-purpose approach protects human and mechanical assets from heat, ensuring proper functioning and safety.


Canopies along walkways or loading docks offer shade and protection from the sun, reducing heat stress-related risks for workers performing outdoor activities. Welded steel canopies provide durability and resistance to harsh weather and fire, ensuring long-lasting protection and safety for workers engaged in strenuous tasks.


Besides enhancing security, prefabricated entry vestibules help customers control heat and airflow within their facilities. These vestibules minimize the escape of cool air from the building by ensuring that at least one of the entrance doors remains closed. This feature is particularly beneficial for high-traffic areas where doors are frequently opened and closed.

Built-In Solutions

Within each modular building, there are also multiple methods to get efficient, optimal temperature control.

HVAC Systems

Modular buildings can be equipped with various HVAC systems, including wall units, roof units, bard units, and split-systems, tailored to specific cooling needs. These systems maintain a cool and comfortable interior environment, vital for employee well-being and the optimal operation of heat-sensitive equipment.

Panel Insulation

Enhanced insulation with materials like polystyrene, wool, or poly-iso cores helps maintain a consistent internal temperature, providing additional protection against external heat. This improves comfort and enhances energy efficiency, reducing cooling costs.

Addressing heat stress is vital for a safe and productive work environment. Modular building solutions such as cool-down booths, control booths, canopies, and built-in HVAC systems offer practical ways to create temperature control for workplace spaces. Panel Built, Inc. provides customizable options to combat heat stress, protect your workforce, and enhance productivity and morale. Investing in these solutions demonstrates a commitment to employee health and well-being, ensuring compliance and fostering a positive workplace environment.

We can provide modular solutions for your cooling needs at Panel Built. Whether you need a canopy, guard booth, vestibule, or more, our team is ready to tailor a modular solution.

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