Benefits of Installing A Mezzanine In Your Warehouse


MezzaninesPanel Built, Inc. offers a variety of custom steel mezzanines and work platforms to solve a wide range of space solutions in your warehouse.  Each of our mezzanine projects is unique and specially tailored to the customer's particular space needs.  However, no matter the application, each of our mezzanine projects delivers specific benefits to their facility.  In this post, we will go over the main benefits of installing a mezzanine in your warehouse. 

First off, a warehouse mezzanine is a structure that provides additional space in a facility, by creating an intermediary level above the warehouse floor.  Panel Built's mezzanines utilize a modular system, where all of the structure's components are prefabricated in our modular facilities and then shipped to the job site for assembly.  Panel Built produces all the components: beams, columns, joists, decking, sub-decking, bolts, and anchors for the structure to be fully installed on-site.  Our bolt-together mezzanine system, offers a semi-permanent solution for facilities, allowing for the platform to be easily uninstalled at a later date if the owner moves facilities or the structures requires reconfiguration.   Now that you are familiar with our mezzanine, here are some of the many ways they help add value to your facility. 

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Future Flexibility in your Facility

Industrial CatwalksOne of the greatest benefits of modular mezzanines is their ability to instantly transform your facility.  Adding a Panel Built mezzanine to your facility can practically double the amount of usable space available, opening up a whole world of possibilities.  Many mezzanines are installed to fit more storage space in a facility, freeing up the space that was previously dedicated to storing tools, equipment, materials, product, etc.  This new space provides freedom for the warehouse in the future, allowing them to expand productions, hold more inventory, or increase their facility's overall efficiency.   However, beyond the space which is freed up, Panel Built's modular mezzanine can themselves be easily adapted if needs change further down the line.  As a semi-permanent structure, our mezzanines can be easily uninstalled, relocated, and reconfigured as your company grows.  Frequently, Panel Built receives requests to increase the size of an existing mezzanine that we have completed in the past.  Like few other structures, Panel Built's mezzanine systems are excellently designed to help grow as your needs grow. Parts of the mezzanine like the handrail and can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled in another location allowing for the mezzanine deck to be easily expanded, while reusing existing components.

Fast & Convenient Installation

One of the primary benefits of a prefabricated mezzanine is the ease of installation at the project site.  Most facilities cannot afford to have a large area of their facility closed down while stick-built construction takes place, causing production delays and potentially creating a hazardous work environment.  With Panel Built's bolt-together mezzanine design, the steel components are easily assembled on-site, reducing overall install time.  With quicker installation, facilities are able to deduce the overall amount of downtime in your facility. But perhaps more importantly, it allows the warehouse to more quickly take advantage of all the extra space in the facility, giving companies with a faster return on investment.

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Gaining an Overall Safer & More Efficient Facility

Safety-Pivot-Gate Overcrowding in a facility is not only a problem for storing materials and equipment, it also makes the warehouse an overall more dangerous place to work.  The more materials, equipment, and people within a crowded facility, the lower the margin of error is for accidents and workplace injuries.  However, mezzanines are a fantastic way to alleviate these issues for congested warehouses, creating an entire level of additional space to clear up space on the factory floor.  Additionally, Panel Built's mezzanines have a variety of built-in features to help ensure safety. Panel Built offers a wide variety of specialty safety gates for our mezzanines, including slide gates, lift out gates, swing gates, and pivot gates.  These gates protect from falling accidents by ensuring the mezzanine's barrier railing is always closed off, except for when the gate is in use. Additionally, Panel Built mezzanine components can be painted a special 'safety yellow' to enhance visibility and help prevent accidents.
Mezzanine with wire partitionsOverall, there are a variety of benefits our customers see from installing Panel Built steel mezzanine into their facilities.  Although typically used for storage, Panel Built platforms have been used as maintenance platforms, catwalks, conveyor platforms, equipment access stairs, and more.  As a modular construction provider for 25 years, Panel Built has had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies across the United States and internationally.   If you are interested in getting a quote to install a mezzanine into your warehouse, let us know! We're more than happy to help you get a quick number together and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  You can give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.