Understanding Portable Guard Houses And Their Associated Benefits


Portable Guard HousesThe 21st century has given us an ease in our daily work routine and provided a tremendous amount of comfort in the way we used to do things in the past. Although the introduction of oil fuels the world into the new world we are living now, it was the people who used it and introduced new technologies. The current pace at which we are living continues to surprise those people who were born during the 1950s to 1970s. The modern world we live in is continuously growing and without the construction of factories, offices, and homes, this growth would not be possible. Construction of buildings is an important part of the world we live in. the construction industry itself amounts to much of the world's economy and the introduction of new technology can grow this industry even further. If we talk about modern houses and construction, the introduction of prefabricated buildings has eased the construction process for up to 10 times. Prefabricated and portable buildings have changed the construction industry. Those buildings that required engineers, labor and a huge investment can now be done through just a few clicks. Imagine constructing a guard booth in an already constructed and working building. This would not only require plenty of investment but will bring the office operations to a standstill. Modular guard houses are constructed off-site and can be transported to almost any destination. These guard booths are an important part for any organization as it provides security for your business from a range of unfortunate activities that can happen. The easiest and tested way to protect any property or business is through by installing guard booth for security guards. Prefabricated security guard houses can be placed anywhere within or outside the premises, where guards can monitor the surroundings while staying in a safe booth. Unlike constructed a small office or booth for guards, the booths are extremely cheap to acquire and install. These guard booths can be used in malls, government facilities, checkpoints and other areas that require strict patrol.

Benefits of prefabricated security guard houses

A modular guard house is a cost-effective alternative to constructing a guard booth for extra security and surveillance. If you opt for a guard house, you would not need to hire any architect, engineer or labor to perform any job. Apart from the cost associated with all these personnel’s, you would not have to manage or supervise any of the work. These guard booths are constructed using steel that makes them durable and reliable for a long run. Anti-rust paint makes them even more durable as these do not rust over time or especially if you need to install these near a coast. Although the security booths are made out of steel, they are extremely light and portable and can be installed almost anywhere with a use of a forklift or a small crane if you want it to be installed on the roof. While constructing a small guard shack, you would require a space to store items that may rust or stolen if not managed properly. Prefabricated guard shacks are manufactured off-site and delivered to the location when done. This reduces the cost to store, manage and look out for supplies too.

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Some of the advantages you can get while buying from us:

  • Hiring a security personnel and providing him with a suitable area to monitor, eat and relax is an essential part to keep the security tight. Guardhouse by Panel Built is designed using this philosophy to provide security for your business while providing the security guard with all the essentials. Panel build guard houses are constructed using only the highest quality materials making them the wind, fire and crack resistant. The feeling of being safe provides an additional add-on for the security guard to perform his job without any fear.
  • Unlike other companies that sell security booths online, Panel Built also offers customization with all orders you place. This means that you will have the option to customize the guard booth according to your current requirements.
  • Panel-built guard booths can even be used in entry and exit checkpoints. These booths are designed using the current architecture standards with an ability to match the surroundings. The booths are made using fourteen steel gauge that makes them a durable and reliable booth for surveillance. Although the material used is top notch, panel built made products are extremely lightweight which means they can be transported or kept anywhere desired. These booths also include forklift pocket for the ease of movement from one place to another. To make it even better, this booth have an inbuilt electrical switches and outlets making them ready to use.
  • While buying guard booths from Panel built, you have an opportunity to make your purchase online, without even visiting our office to make an order. The booth will come prefabricated and ready to install and site just after few days of purchase.
  • The conventional construction process pollutes the environment and a bad place to live nearby the site. As guard houses are made off site, there is no chance of pollution or violation of environment. The guard shacks are also environmentally friendly as they can be recycled and reused if necessary.
Apart from all the benefits your company can get from purchasing Panel Built products, these booths can be used in a variety of scenarios and purposes such as a storage model, consultant space or as an attendant cubicle.