Benefits Of Prefabricated Modular Buildings


Turn to Panel Built for Your Modular Building Needs

Looking for affordable modular building panels, offices, mezzanines, or prefabricated structures? Panel Built offers all of the amazing benefits of prefabricated modular buildings along with amazing customer service and affordable prices. Whether it’s an office, ticket booth, guard tower, mezzanine, staircase, exterior building, ladder, safety barrier, or custom project, Panel Built is happy to help with a free quote and drawing for whatever project is needed. With technology and amazing cost-cutting measures that beat out conventional construction methods, it’s time to turn to a modular building solution from Panel Built!

Benefits of Using Modular Buildings

  • They are cheaper to manufacture and assemble than traditional structures.
  • They can be transported or disassembled and moved around.
  • The majority of building off-site allows for better and cleaner construction quality management.
  • Need for on-site construction is reduced, meaning less interruption to the client.
  • Structurally, modular style buildings are stronger than conventional buildings.
  • The carefully controlled construction process of modular structures actually reduces waste.
The main advantages of modular construction come from the fact that it is done off-site and is pre-planned. With structures being assembled in a clean, safe, supervised environment without interference or unusual distractions, construction is often more precise, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It has less of an impact on the job site, reduces the surprises and unpredictability that come with working in a new or outside environment, and allows for optimized production as construction is often done by machines in a plant.

Types of Modular Buildings for Sale

Offices and exterior structures – Single and double floor office buildings as well as prebuilt and custom exterior structures are available. Modular in-plant office systems are a great way to provide comfort for employees or visitors in spaces like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories, garages, and more. Panel Built modular building systems provide a comfortable and clean space that is well lit for offices, workspaces, storage, or breaks. Exterior structures and industrial modular buildings are available as well—attractive and weather resistant, they are easily transported and assembled by crane or forklift. Mezzanines and platforms – Useful for in-plant office space, storage facilities, catwalks, industrial platforms, vision towers, and more, Panel Built offers rugged mezzanine and platform systems that help make use of underutilized space and open up new paths of travel in the workplace. Their structures are versatile in size and shape, extremely safe, low-maintenance, and durable, using only heavy-duty materials in construction, building the structure in a custom size to the client’s specifications. Stairs and ladders – Panel Built’s prefabricated metal stair, railing, and ladder system components are made and assembled to meet OSHA codes, offering customers safety, convenience, and reliability. With a variety of metals, sizes, heights, and railings available, a customized staircase also meets IBC, UBC, and BOCA codes. Panel Built’s ladders may be caged or un-caged, but all feature solid steel construction and a steel base mounting bracket. Multi-purpose preassembled structures – Especially well-suited to industrial, military, and business or commercial purposes, Panel Built’s prefabricated modular buildings for sale are great for use as guard towers, security booths, ticket or reception areas, rudimentary office space, machine or equipment enclosure, storage, and observation units. For space concerns requiring immediate resolution, Panel Built’s pre-assembled interior and exterior buildings are easy and fast to order, ready for use immediately without on-site construction needed. Some structures can ship in as little as two days. Panel Built also offers custom services to design modular office buildings and mezzanines to meet whatever unique needs a potential buyer may have. Custom rail barriers and safety guards are also available for protecting and blocking off hazardous or dangerous areas.

What Makes Panel Built Great

companies that sell prefabricated modular buildingsThey only make and sell the best. From solid steel ladders to fully lit, powered, and heated metal modular buildings, the ease and convenience of ordering from Panel Built cannot be overstated. Prefabricated structures with no construction needed at all are also available, maximizing ease of setup and minimizing shipping time. Two words: exclusive warranty. Mezzanine systems purchased from Panel Built are warrantied for one year from shipment date and a further five years against structural defects or system breakdown under conditions of natural wear and tear. They’re a trusted seller who offers great customer service. With a number of satisfied customers including organizations and companies ranging from the US Border Patrol and the Florida Air National Guard to Wal-Mart and Goodyear Tire, Panel Built has an extensive history of having the best cheap modular buildings for sale online. They give back to the community. By looking for a way to give back, Panel Built began to work through to send care packages to deployed soldiers throughout the world. Having corresponded via mail with multiple soldiers, one even came to visit as thanks upon returning Stateside, helping remind the Panel Built team why it’s all worth it!