Best Guard Booths Available Online


With the winter weather fast approaching and temperatures starting to dip, keeping your staff and security safe and protected from the chilly weather should be top priority. Fortunately, with our portable guard house you can protect your employees without breaking the bank. Purchasing the best guard booth available online will save you money and keep your staff happy. If you are looking for options that will allow you to install a structure quickly and less expensively, Panel Built has several units that may fit the bill.


Prefabricated security guard houses are easy to install

Pre-fabricated security guard housesPre-fabricated security guard houses are easy to install and provide instant protection for your staff and security crew. Most of the time you need a simple unit that will help keep your security protected from the elements. Because these units are typically used or short spurts of time, they don’t need to be big or fancy. While simple, prefabricated guard houses provide a warm place for your guards to rest. Our modular formula allows us to create your units quickly. In fact, some of our prefabricated guard booths can even be shipped in as little as three days. If you do want a custom design or additional features that aren’t typically included with each unit, we can oblige. Once your order has shipped, your prefabricated guard house will arrive ready to install. Our technicians can help place your new guardhouse where it needs to go. If you plan to connect it to electricity, that can be done at the same time. Your unit will be ready to use the same day.

Our security booths are sturdy

Because your security booths will arrive ready to install, we design each piece of the modular system and each unit to be study enough to withstand travel. This durability is a great indicator that your unit will last a long time and provide more than adequate protection from the elements. In addition, your modular guard house is study enough to move. Whether you are working on a construction site, hosting a community event of providing private security for a home, the flexibility of being able to move these units can save you money and time. The units can be moved by a crane and transported to the new location and quickly installed to be used again.

Customize your guard houses

Someone using guard houses for temporary use, specifically construction, will have different needs than a management company ordering these type of units for more permanent uses. Because we recognize that each individual likely has specific needs, we will customize your unit to fit your needs. We can build guard houses and guard shacks in any size. The modular format makes it easy to adjust and accommodate personal orders. One of the benefits of prefabricated security guard houses is the ability to customize and create individual units quickly. We believe that each company should be able to have access to quick constructions but the option to personalize and customize as necessary. Features that you may be interested in include:
  • HVAC systems:  We can install a roof-based HVAC system to provide heating and air conditioning to your security staff. Additional ventilation options may be available based on the product you order.
  • Electrical Hookups: If you need your security staff to have access to electricity, we can help ensure that the unit is designed and prepped for electrical work.
  • Customizable doors: We offer several different types of doors including glass, steel and half glass.
  • Customizable windows: While these units may be called guard houses, they can be used for a lot of different purposes, including collecting tickets and checking IDs. Customizable windows allow you to add sliding windows, if desired, to provide flexibility and quick access for your security personnel.
  • Bullet proof glass (upon request): If security is a big concern, you may be interested in investing in bullet proof glass. This specialty glass can be installed in any windows and doors to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Interior flooring and walls: While most of our ready-to-ship units come standard, you can customize your units with different types of flooring and interior walls. Choosing different materials can help the workspace feel more comfortable for your employees.
  • Shelving: You can use shelving options to create extra storage space or to create a writing space for taking notes, filling out forms and processing information.
  • Size: We offer several different sizes of guard houses and shacks to accommodate your needs. Our units go as small as a single-person shack and as large as a small building.
  • Gutters: Protect your property with gutters. These will help water drain from the roof and ensure that your unit stays in workable condition, despite exposure to various weather conditions.
  We offer some of the best guard booths available online for sale. When you are in need of companies that sell security booths online, look to Panel Built. With almost two decades of experience, we know prefabricated buildings better than most. We want to ensure that you get the product you need. You don’t have to wonder where to buy prefabricated guard houses, because Panel Built is your one-stop-shop for all prefabricated buildings and structures. For more information on our guardhouses, visit our website. We’re more than happy to help you determine whether our quick-shipping guard houses are right for you or whether you’d be better served by a more customized product. Contact our customer service for questions and to place an order.