The Best Way to Get Warehouse Office Space Fast


For growing businesses, space needs can be drastic and can arise at a moment’s notice. And in a typical warehouse environment, there is little room for additional office space, so odds are you are going to have to make your own. In this scenario, there are only a limited number of options. For a warehouse office, the area will require a climate controlled, sound resistant room that provides the employee with a comfortable place to work, while still not being completely separated from the facility floor.

Many warehouses will come with an office space. However, your space requirements will often grow with the company. A stick-built solution can be incredibly time consuming, and even work, disrupt the processes of the warehouse itself, literally costing you a great deal of time and money.

So, what is the best way to solve this problem? What is the best way to get warehouse office space fast?

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Modular OfficesModular-Office-Install-Finish

Modular offices provide a number of distinct advantages over their stick-built counterparts. First and foremost, the utilizing modular construction for your warehouse office allows offers you a controlled work environment in the shortest amount of time.

For Panel Built, we offer a line of Quick-Ship warehouse offices. These are the quickest manufactured & delivered panelized office systems in the entire industry. The buildings have a wide range of size options from 8’x8’ up to 20’x40’ and come with vinyl covered gypsum panels. From a signed purchase order, Panel Built’s quick ship modular offices can be shipped within two business days. These buildings will come in a standard rectangle shape, HVAC unit, B-Deck roof, and walls in either 8’ or 10’ in height.

However, if your space needs require a little bit more unique solution, Panel Built’s modular office systems can accommodate for that as well and still at a fraction of the time as stick built! That is because modular offices do not only come in simple “cookie cutter” designs. Panel Built warehouse offices can be fabricated to the layout that best fits your exact space needs.

Modular Offices

In addition to their quick manufacturing speed, modular warehouse offices have incredibly quick and easy installations. Using our standardized panels and binder post system, our systems can be installed sometime in a matter of hours.

However, one of the biggest upsides to the using modular office space in your warehouse is the minimal site disruption during the install process. Since the building will be fabricated off-site, all that is left to do at the job site is to put the pieces together. On-site fabricating is kept to the lowest amount. All of this equals a building install that will happen quickly, with very little commotion, and results in very little wasted or leftover materials.

Waste on the job site is probably one of the most often overlooked issues. After everything is finished at a job site, the structure itself is not going to be functional until the entire mess left over is cleaned and office furniture can be moved into the building. Using a prefabricated system, there’s very little waste because only materials that are needed are sent to the job site and with on-site cuts being minimized, there is very little that is not used in the erection of the building. Not only is this a plus for the environment, but also a plus for getting your warehouse back in full working order.

Warehouse Mezzanine Office

Warehouse Mezzanine Offices

For warehouses that are already in a pinch for space, making room on your facility floor might be easier said than done. Everyone knows the last thing you want to do is make your warehouse more crowded. In these instances, modular offices can utilize bolt-together mezzanine systems to make the best use of your warehouse space.

One of the best aspects of our warehouse mezzanine offices is that the fabrication time does not significantly increase from that of a normal modular office. Both of the structures will be put into production at the same time meaning that they can be completely at relatively similar speeds. The only increase in time will be having to erect the mezzanine before the office can be installed on top of it, still, an incredibly reduced time frame, compared to stick-built.

EXAMPLE: Executive Coach Builders

Builders was in dire need of adding more office space in their 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Springfield, Missouri. After seeing a drastic spike in the demand for limousines, Executive Coach Builders decided they needed more office space and fast but could not afford to give up manufacturing space for it. To solve this problem, Panel Built fabricated a custom built 14’ x 35’ mezzanine office system to sit on one of our mezzanine systems. The new warehouse office space provides the company with the extra office space they needed. The area underneath the mezzanine makes use of big column spans to offer a fully functioning work area below.


Overall, the best way to get warehouse office space fast is to use modular construction for your project. The panelized wall system allows for the buildings to be produced quickly while still being highly customizable. And the pre-fabrication means that installation will be quick and easy with little to no cleanup afterward.

If you think a modular warehouse office could help your facility, give us a call at 800-636-3873, send us an email to, or Request a Quote. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to find a solution.