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The Installation of a Clean Room

Laser Enclosure Cleanroom A clean room is a room that has a controlled environment in which many different products can be manufactured. It is a specially designed room that controls the concentration and population of airborne particles to safe and specified controlled limit. These contaminants and airborne particles are generated by people, equipment, and working processes in the room and must be continuously removed and filtered from the air to maintain the standards required of a clean room. To control and maintain clean room status, strict rules must be adhered to in order to prevent contamination of the product that is being manufactured.

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Sanitation Via Ventilation

Research has found that the optimal way to control contamination is by controlling the entire environment in that room, by meticulously controlling the air flow rates, air flow direction, room pressurization, specialized filtration, temperature, and humidity. Also, the source of these particles needs to be monitored, controlled and eliminated. Clean rooms have advanced planning in their construction and are manufactured following strict protocols and methods. Environments that use modular cleanrooms to manufacture their products include pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medicals devices industries and electronics to name but a few. To highlight the difference between a normal office room and a clean room, research has shown that the air in a regular office contains between 500,000 to 1,000,000 particles per cubic foot of air. There are different classes of clean rooms but in particular, the class 10,000 clean rooms are designed to contain and limit the contaminants to 10,000 particles. Contamination from the smallest particles can lead to a major disaster in a clean room, leading to damaged merchandise and defective products which may make them unsafe to use or consume. It can also lead to the expensive company downtime and a major increase in company production costs to rectify the situation.

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For clean rooms to function properly there is an automated system which expels old stale air inside the clean room and replaces it with fresh air brought in from outside of the clean room and thoroughly filtered. The number of times the system replaces the air in the clean room during any given hour Is called the air change rate or ACR  it is also known as the ACH or air change rate per hour. ISO or International Standards Organization cooperates with Federal standards and attribute three different classes of clean room to meet Federal expectancy, for instance, ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms are the most relaxed when it comes to sterilization and are developed to maintain an air change per hour rate five to forty-eight recycles per hour which is expected to idealistically restrict the number of particles in the air to 100,000. ISO Class 7 Clean Rooms kick it up a notch ensuring the environment is even purer. ISO Class 7 Clean Rooms must restrict conditions to allow for no more than 10,000 airborne particles at any given time and their systems need to be strong enough to recycle the air between 60 and 90 times an hour.  


As you can see as the Classes decrease in the number value the environment is more strictly controlled. Class 6 ISO modular Clean Rooms are designed to heavily be able to manage recycling air one hundred and fifty to two hundred and forty times per hour with expectations to only allow for one thousand airborne particles into the environment at any given time. ISO Classes end at Class 3. Class 3 Clean Rooms are designed to handle the massive duty of recycling air three hundred and sixty to five hundred and forty times per hour to maintain the very anal particle allowance of one particle at all times. Cleanroom

Employees Should be Contaminants Free As Well

To enter a clean room the procedure will be different for different situations and types of rooms, each area will have a list of correct protocols and procedures to adhere to according to the management of the management. In every clean room the standard items you will need to wear include gloves, face masks and head covers, however in very clean and sterile environments you will also be required to wear sterilized disposable jumpsuits and shoe coverslips. These must all be put on in a separate room prior to entering the clean room as per your clean room policies and protocols. Once a clean room is built it must be maintained and cleaned to the correct high standards whilst maintaining the cleaning protocols and standards required for contamination free use.

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