Frequently Asked Questions about the Modular Shipping Office


If you have ever worked or visited a construction site, you have probably seen a modular shipping office. These offices are usually small and temporary, but offer a great deal in return on investment and peace of mind for the construction company who bought them. Panel Built, one of the companies that sell modular office solutions, brings the convenience and affordability of modular offices directly to you. In this article, you will discover just exactly what a modular shipping office is and where to buy a shipping office if you are interested. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best available modular shipping offices for sale.

What is a modular shipping office?

A modular shipping office is a small temporary structure whose components are manufactured completely in a controlled facility. The components are then shipped to their destination where they are put together to create the office space.

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What benefits does a portable shipping office offer?

From a construction aspect, factory constructed portable shipping offices offer many benefits including reduced site traffic, safety risks, noise and overall community disruption. Since as much as 80 percent of the construction is done in a facility and not on site, the company saves money in labor costs, and weather does not delay construction.

How long does it take to receive and build a modular shipping office?

Construction times vary according to how large an office you purchase, but on average, clients achieve a 30 to 50 percent times savings over conventional on-site office construction. Panel Built has modular shipping office services for sale online that deliver in just two business days. When you need a shipping office quick, we provide a quality office solution directly to where you need it in just two business days.

Is portable shipping office price cheaper than site-built construction?

Yes! Modular shipping office price is much cheaper than on-site construction by far. Since the majority of the structure is built in a facility rather than on-site, labor costs are less, and because weather is not a factor, delays are also not an issue. Something else that isn’t an issue is vandalism and theft. With no partially-finished construction on the site, thieves and vandals are less tempted to destroy your property.

Is modular construction “green?”

Modular construction is definitely green. The nature of the construction itself is inherently eco-friendly because it takes place in a manufacturing facility rather than on-site. There is less transportation emissions from workers traveling back and forth daily and materials being delivered. There is less waste during construction since all the components are measured to fit together perfectly once they are delivered to the site of construction.

What materials do modular shipping office suppliers such as Panel Built use?

Modular shipping office suppliers use a variety of materials to construct the components of their portable buildings. Panel Built is so dedicated to its customers’ satisfaction that we only use the highest quality materials to create the best available modular shipping offices for sale.  Here is what you can expect from our shipping offices:
  • Vinyl covered gyp panel walls with a polystyrene core in eight or 10 foot heights
  • Walls are the same color on both sides
  • Doors, windows and trim match
  • B-deck roof
  • Choice of champagne, white or grey color
  • ¼” thick tempered glass windows
  • HVAC unit in choice of one of three sizes for heating and cooling
  • Drop ceiling
  • 6” batt insulation
  • Electrical equipment including outlets, switches and lighting
Panel Built can create custom shipping offices for your every need. Any special requests outside our standard features may require a longer lead time to complete. Be sure to inquire about various configurations and custom designs when you call.

Are modular buildings more durable than site-built construction?

Because of the way modular shipping offices are constructed, and the way they are transported to their destination via major highways across the country, they are built to withstand a lot of shock and vibration. Because of this, they do tend to be more durable to withstand the elements. Modular buildings can last for up to 100 years if you need them to!

If I’m interested in going modular, where can I find cheap shipping office prices online?

Modular shipping officeIf you are interested in learning more about modular buildings and how they can help you focus more on the task at hand to save money and time, and to find cheap shipping office prices online, contact Panel Built directly at 800-636-3873. If you don’t have time to wait to get organized because you have tight deadlines to meet, Panel Built offers the high-quality, premium shipping office solutions you need with fast delivery. Visit our modular shipping offices services available online to learn more about how our portable shipping offices provide a fat, reliable, secure way for you to conduct your office needs right on site. Our speedy two business day delivery and quick set up can have you up and running in no time, right where you need it. Panel Built is proud to offer our customers 100 percent satisfaction. We believe our quality products and exceptional customer service is what has made us one of the nation’s leading modular shipping office suppliers. We manufacture our products with the exceptional precision and quality in a state of the art facility and provide quick shipping services to ensure you are completely satisfied. Call us today to get started!