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Take Care of Your Security Guards: Invest in a Guard House by Panel Built

guard booths available online for saleWhat’s a business without their security guards? These are the people who risk their lives on a daily basis to keep everyone in the company safe. That is why it is so crucial that businesses invest in guard hosues. These structures allow security guards to have a place indoors to rest up, wait “on call” or just look after their surroundings.  If you’re on the hunt for a modular guard house, visit us at Panel Built. We not only provide prefabricated guard houses that you can be proud of, but excellent customer service as well.

Who are Panel Built and Why Should I Buy My Security Booths From Them?

Created in 1995 by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan, Panel Built is an industry leader in the prefabricated guard house field. It is these years constructing guard booths that give us the experience and expertise to handle all of your needs. We know what kinds of methods are most efficient and what will only leave our customers disappointed. Do not waste your time dealing with other companies that will only let you down when you can receive a guard house by Panel Built. At Panel Built, we offer a full line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, pre-assembled and exterior buildings, that have all been put together on site in one of our two world renowned manufacturing facilities. If there is something you want erected, but aren’t sure we are the right ones for the job, give us a call. We are more than happy to work with you and come up with some type of solution together. Nothing is out of our reach, so whatever you need, we have got you covered. Unlike a lot of other companies that sell security booths online, we value your opinion and truly want to hear what you have to say. In the past, we have seen our competition blow off their customers once they received their money. That will never happen here. Trust us, our customers mean everything to us and we won’t sell you short to make a quick profit. Instead, we will take in your ideas and use them when assembling your Panel Built security booth. At the end of the day, our mission is to keep you satisfied, while providing fantastic products and customer service.

What Type of Customer Service Will You Deliver When Buying Guard Houses?

benefits of prefabricated security guard housesNow that you know where to buy prefabricated guard houses, let us tell you a little about our customer service department. All of our representatives are highly trained to handle any questions, comments or concerns that you may have. We know how important security booths are to your business, and the last thing we want is to rush you into making any decisions. Instead, one of our staff members will be here to listen to your needs and walk you through all of our services. We will give you detailed explanations of what each product entails, so that you get exactly what you are looking for and are never in the dark anything along the way. We will even offer you advice if you are on the fence about what kind of structure your need. Remember, we are always here to help you. Besides this, our representatives will also discuss with you our different finance options. We completely understand that we are living in a rough economy and that money is tight. That is why we appreciate your business so much and the fact that you are choosing to spend your hard earned cash on our services. However, when you work with us, you won’t have to skimp out on the quality of your guard houses. At Panel Built, we will provide you with modular buildings that are durable, affordable and serve its purpose.

I Want to Buy My Guard Booths Through Panel Built, How Do I Get in Touch?

This is simple. For starters, you can contact us by calling 1-800-636-3873. From there, one of our staff members will be able to help you get started and even offer you a free quote on the spot. Do not be afraid to address any questions you may have at this time, we are here to aid you through this process as best as possible.  If you are not much of a phone person, that is fine too. As you can see on our official website, you can e-mail us at too. Similar to giving us a ring, one of our representatives will see your message and respond back in a timely fashion, usually within one business day. Why leave your business in incapable hands, when you can team up with Panel Built? Stop hesitating and contact us today!