Creating Flexibility For Growing Manufacturers & Warehouses


Creating Flexibility For Growing Manufacturers & Warehouses

Operating a successful manufacturing or warehousing business can create growing pains. When production, staffing, and storage needs are greater than a facility’s size, they must decide to find a new facility or learn how to improve their existing space best while still keeping their long-term needs in order.  With a growing company, needs will change over time, and having an easily adaptable facility helps you tackle these issues with ease. Panel Built offers a wide range of custom, semi-permanent structures designed for industrial and commercial businesses. In this post, Panel Built will go over these different space solutions, how they benefit growing businesses, and how they can be adapted in the future to meet your needs. 

Panelized Modular Office Systems

Our most popular structures, panelized modular offices, are the first product line offered here at Panel Built since we opened in 1995.  These are fully customizable buildings that our professional team can easily install into your facility to create practically any type of enclosure you’d need, including cleanrooms, equipment enclosures, and of course, offices. Because the buildings are prefabricated at our production facilities, Panel Built modular offices are easily and quickly installed into your facility.  This means you have a shortened overall project time and expect an overall quicker return on investment.

However, modular offices are an ideal solution for growing businesses because of their ability to change with your business.  Panel Built’s in-plant buildings are fully reconfigurable, expandable, and transportable. 

If your space needs changes in the future, so can your office.  For example, if you find yourself in need of more office space, just let us know.  We can supply you with the additional materials needed to add to your existing space or create a whole new space with new and existing materials.  

Panel Built also will help you take advantage of the unused verticle space within your facility to get the most out of your facility.  You can easily create two or three-story offices with our modular systems.  To accomplish this, we design your office with a load-bearing roof, capable of holding another level above.  If you do not need multi-story office space immediately, Panel Built can include the load-bearing roof into the building’s initial design, making it easy to add a second story down the line whenever it is needed. 

Panel Built also offers a fully pre-assembled version of our offices built upon a forkliftable steel base instead of installed directly into your warehouse floor. The building can be easily transported across your facility with convenient forklift pockets, wherever your facility needs it. 

Structural Steel Mezzanines & Equipment Platforms

Panel Built mezzanine is another great way to get the most out of the verticle space within your facility.  In most cases, Panel Built’s customers will install a mezzanine into their facility whenever they are running out of space on their factory floor.  A space crunch like this can be very difficult for facilities, making them overcrowded, messy, and potentially unsafe.  Mezzanine levels provide additional storage space for parts and equipment or a great way to create elevated office space.  In both cases, the structures create new, usable space while leaving the floor below largely undisturbed. Like our modular offices, Panel Built mezzanine platforms can be easily adapted and added to in the future if needs change down the line.  If even more storage space is required for your facility, 

Panel Built can supply the necessary columns, beams, handrail, and decking material needed to adapt your structure.  Additionally, Panel Built can help you incorporate further mezzanine features afterward. For example, when creating a new storage platform, incorporating a safety gate into the mezzanine design helps you safely and easily load materials.  But as your facility grows, it may be more convenient to increase to two or three the material access points or even install a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor to make it even easier to access

Second, Panel Built can design your initial office building with a load-bearing roof. Now, these roofs are already a great option for facilities looking to use the top of the office space for an additional storage area.

Overall, Panel Built offers a variety of ways for growing businesses to address their space needs while still having flexibility in the future. Whether your facility is running out of storage space for parts and materials or looking to add more office space, Panel Built can help you quickly increase the capacity of your building. Remember, one of Panel Built’s specialties is helping you make the most out of your facility’s verticle space. So even if it seems like your facility is out of options, Panel Built’s mezzanine systems and raised offices to help you utilize that extra space you didn’t even know you had.

If you have any questions about Panel Built’s line of modular offices, mezzanine, or some of our other products, just give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.  We strive to solve our customer’s space needs with excellence and great customer service for each project.  Panel Built offers free, no-obligation quotes for your project, including a sales drawing and a 3D preview of your potential structure!