Door Types for Panel Built Modular Buildings


temperature screening room
Full glass double swing doors with locking mechanism and interior panic bars

At Panel Built, our number one mission is, "Solving Our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service."  For us, that means ensuring that we provide a wide variety of options and features with our modular products to best fit each customer's unique application and needs.  That is why Panel Built supplies a wide range of door options for all of our buildings.  Depending on your building's specific application and space requirements, they may need a few different door types to make the space work best for your facility. 

Since Panel Built works on a wide range of projects for commercial and government entities, we have the experience needed to ensure your building is outfitted with the correct door-type for your application. 

Swing Doors

Swing doors are Panel Built’s most frequently used door type which can be found on all of our building applications.  Although we are all familiar with simple man swing doors, you might not be aware of all the intricacies that come with determining swing door types.

First, all swing doors have a "handedness." And, while there are a couple of ways to determine the handedness of a swing door, the easiest way is to look at the location of the door's hinges, while standing on the outside of the door. If the hinges are on the left, it is a left-handed door, and if the hinges are on the right, it is a right-handed door. Additionally, each swing door will either swing inward (into the room) or outward (out of the room).

Panel Built offers a few different varieties of our standard single man doors, including Half Glass, Full Glass, and Flush. Each of these refers to the window included in the door leaf with flush doors having no windows. Half-glass and full glass doors will provide some additional safety in high traffic environments, allowing employees to see through and avoid people on the other side of the door. Full-glass doors have also become increasingly popular for companies wanting to give their new modular office space a more contemporary and stylish look.

Additionally, swing doors come in single and double man door options. Double doors are often used if medium-sized machinery, furniture, or equipment needs to be moved into the room. Double man doors can also come in flush, half-glass, and full-glass varieties.

For more information on our swing doors, you can visit our Door Specifications page to get the details on our system.

Sliding Doors

guard booth with sliding door

In addition to swing doors, Panel Built incorporates swing doors into a variety of their building projects, but primarily for our security buildings. For Panel Built guard booths, the buildings will oftentimes be located at a facility's entrance, squeezed between two lanes of traffic. Sliding doors allow for the security officer to step out of the booth and check the driver's credentials without the door flying out into a traffic lane. Plus, security booths are generally smaller buildings, and there is not typically a lot of room for a door to swing inward if needed.

Recently, Panel Built has overhauled our sliding door system to Cavity Sliders' wall-mounted hardware with a magnetic door handle mechanism. This style of sliding door hardware presents a much stronger seal (compared to a traditional hook-bolt), and overall better aesthetic, and is flexible enough to fit all our sliding door applications.

Due to the panelized nature of our wall systems, Panel Built uses a wall mounted sliding door track with a cover to protect the track and promote aesthetics. The door frame has a custom-mounted door strike for a secure locking mechanism.

Ultimately, Panel Built's sliding doors are made to operate effectively and conveniently for the officers frequently coming in and out of the booth. The sliding doors to provide a smooth, consistent rolling track for frequent, easy use. With the magnetic door handle, the locking mechanism is much more reliable than many hook-bolt alternatives. Plus, the handle has a traditional, easy to use key-lock to secure the building while unoccupied or in the case of an emergency. And the wall-mounted door track is formed from heavy-duty extruded aluminum for high durability and an overall longer lifespan.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are our first door type on the list that are not primarily man doors. Panel Built will primarily utilize a roll-up door system in one of our panelized, inplant buildings or sometimes in our exterior, equipment buildings. Panel Built roll-up doors come in three common types: manual chain hoisted, motorized, and high-speed.

For many storage applications, a chain hoisted manual roll-up door may be the smartest choice. Although these roll-up doors require more effort to raise and lower the door, they are also the most economical, and if the door is not used very frequently, most will be happy with the trade-off to save some money. However, motorized and high-speed roll-up doors are great solutions for spaces that are required to be closed off and open and close quickly for equipment or vehicles to move through.

To incorporate roll-up doors into our modular wall system, Panel Built creates a steel-framed opening in the wall system for the roll-up door to mount to. This heavy-duty frame allows us to use a wide range of roll-up door systems in fully custom widths and heights. Because these roll-up doors can make up a good portion of a modular office's wall system, Panel Built offers fully insulated systems to reduce the amount of heat lost through the door.

Additional Custom Door Options!

As we mentioned previously, we aim to solve all of our customers' space needs with excellence, going above and beyond with each of our projects. That's why, over the years, we have found more and more specialized door solutions to fit into our modular system.


Ballistic Rated Doors

For our line of ballistic rated buildings, Panel Built has created a number of ballistic rated man doors.  Like our buildings, Panel Built's Ballistic Rated Doors can be designed to meet all levels of NIJ, UL-752, and STANAG ballistic levels.  These ballistic rated doors are provided in both swing and sliding door options.  Additionally, the doors can be offered with half-glass & full-glass options (ballistic rated polycarbonate) windows to help provide a 360-degree field of vision while still providing ballistic protection. 

Hurricane Rated Doors

Hurricane Rated Building

Similar in design to our ballistic rated buildings, Panel Built offers a number of welded-steel framed buildings to the state of Florida. These buildings have a heavy-duty design to increase their wind-load rating which is required for buildings along the coast of Florida. These doors are specifically designed to have to impact safety-rated windows to protect the inside of the booth from projectiles and broken glass during a hurricane.

Dutch Doors

A special version of our swing door that has a separate bottom and top sections in a single doorway.  This configuration allows for the top portion of the door to be open while the bottom part is still closed.  This door type is sometimes requested when the customer wants to use the doorway as a type of transaction window.  In this case, a countertop can be mounted on or near the bottom portion of the door leaf to make the interaction more convenient.  The top opening can also make it easier for the attendant inside the booth to communicate to those outside, especially in parking/attendant booth applications. 

Impact Traffic Doors

Impact Doors

Impact doors are double doors that are designed to take repeated heavy blows.  They can be found in a variety of different environments including retail locations and restaurants, but for Panel Built, we generally install them into warehouse and manufacturing inplant buildings.  These doors will often have 'bumpers' covering the bottom half of the door to absorb the impact of rolling carts or even forklifts.  The doors are given a heavy-duty, durable design to withstand these rigors. 

That concludes the majority of the doors that we use in our modular building projects.  However, we are always looking for new ways to reinvent and improve our building systems. So, if you have a door solution that you need on your modular building and do not see it on this list, just let us know! We will work with you to see how we can fit it into our building system.  If you have any questions, just give us a call at 800.636.3873, or send us an email to  We're always more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.