Everything You Need To Know About Custom Mezzanines


Structural mezzanines are custom-built to fit a certain area and these mezzanine offices can be single or multiple story structures usually installed inside a manufacturing or processing unit, retail outlets, office buildings, industrial locations, warehouses, distribution units, educational facilities, government buildings and more. Structural mezzanines add a floor within the facility, which doubles or triples the existing space. These cold-rolled mezzanines are usually used to create space foduction, office, storage, or assembly, locker rooms, parts storage, stockrooms, cafeterias, accounts storage and other work platforms. The best part about structural mezzanines is that they can be custoor prmized to fit into any existing space within a facility, plant, equipment, pillars, and other building obstructions. These mezzanines come fully incorporated with vertical lifts, conveyors, in-plant office designs, racks, shelves, and other products to handle material. This helps to maximize the existing space and improve the workflow. The initial application requirements determine the look of the final mezzanines by Panel Built. It is important to know everything about structural mezzanines before considering one for your company. Here are all the possible things you must consider before deciding on a mezzanine. It is important to evaluate ones needs and requirements and discuss them with the manufacturer. Panel Built mezzanines are customized according to your needs, but the company offers initial consultancy to make sure the final product is good. Following are certain things you must discuss with the manufacturer before selecting a custom mezzanine. Know how you plan to use the custom mezzanine: You must decide where the structural mezzanine will be installed within your facility or workspace. It is important to consider the height of the ceiling and also the average size of space. You must know the reason you want a custom mezzanine; as in for storage, in-plant offices, equipment support added workspace, production and assembly line integration or simply to expand existing space. Consider your area’s floor slab capacity: Typically a slab is about 6 inches with some reinforcement for temperature and shrinkage. In case you are unsure about the floor slab capacity at your facility then the manufacturer can help you out with it. Or you can conduct a soil/slab analysis. You must know whether the slab will support the structural mezzanine or whether you’d need additional footings. The requirements will affect the design of the custom mezzanine and the mezzanine column loads so it is essential to find out initially whether the slab will support it or not. Otherwise, the entire project can be a fail. Mezzanines by Panel Built come with an initial floor slab analysis, which helps you know the slab capacity.

The size of the column base plates: The column base plates of a structural mezzanine need to be sized appropriately relative to column loads and floor slab capacity. Extremely high column loads and low floor slabs can be a disaster whereas large base plates need concrete footings. custom mezzanines

Know the column layout that works for you: Although the manufacturer will help you with these, but it is important to consider an acceptable column layout. But custom mezzanines meet all such requirements. The column layout must accommodate the upper level load of the structure. But if you can decide the manufacturing operation of each floor. Few columns mean higher column loads and, in this case, it is likely that you will need concrete footings. Guardrails and stairs must meet the specifications: Custom mezzanines can be assembled publicly but, in this case, the stairs, extensions, and guardrails must meet the overall specifications for the right fit. Ensure all building codes: Make sure your mezzanine offices meet all building code requirements. This is a primary concern in most of the states including California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Nevada. Any structural mezzanine must meet the IBC code that governs in most parts of the United States. Hire a professional: Panel Built mezzanines come with initial consultation and review by a trained, certified and licensed engineer so your structure meets all specifications. The engineer makes all the structural calculations before the structure is designed. Panel Built mezzanines are PE stamped: Structures that are PE stamped ensure a structurally sound design. The entire mezzanine layout including the placement, stairs, gates, a professional engineer should design connections and must be PE stamped. Submit the structural mezzanine calculations to the state building department: It is important to submit a complete calculation package to the state building department before you have your mezzanine installed. Even if the manufacturer has stamped the design it still has to be submitted to the building department. Panel built submits these calculations to the building department on your behalf. This is important since the department ensures the design meets the code and is structurally sound. This is a final check for the design. Get building permits: Make sure you have all the building permits and PE stamped designs help you get these permits easily.Mezzanines by Panel Built come with initial consultancy and Panel Built helps you get building permits as well. The capacity of the structural mezzanine: Considering the structural capacity is essential especially what goes on top of the structure. This is important information for the engineer so that the structure is built to hold the weight. Also that these things are important to design buildings that meet the code and other requirements.

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