Installing Factory Walls: Benefits of Going Modular


Warehouse Tall WallsInstalling additional factory walls into your facility can be an incredibly long and arduous task for companies looking to specialize and/or subdivide their space. For facilities that are currently in operation, stick-built walls can create a great deal of chaos in your facility, requiring loud equipment, loads of construction waste, and extended construction times. These negative effects of traditional construction can make your factory less efficient and more dangerous if you do not choose to shut the facility down altogether. For real estate companies, constructing permanent factory walls inside your facility reduces the amount of flexibility for the building in the future. Subdividing a facility can be a great way to section off your facility, creating separate spaces for multiple tenants. However, if the wall needs to be removed down the road, stick-built factory walls are required to be completely torn down in order for alterations to be made which creates a waste of materials and completely wipes out your initial investment. However, there are a number of reasons why a business would need to install additional factory walls beyond just subdividing their existing space. Growing companies will have ever-growing space needs that will frequently need to be addressed. Adding office space, break rooms, lunchrooms, packaging rooms, parts storage, equipment enclosures... the list goes on and on. And with these needs constantly changing it is essential for factories to give themselves as much future flexibility as possible. And how can they do that?

The Benefits of Installing Modular Factory Walls


Speed of Factory Wall Installation

  Warehouse Demising WallOne of the biggest advantages of modular construction is the speed of the overall construction process.  Modular construction offers an inherently faster way to build because your structure will be prefabricated in one of our specialized modular construction facilities.  Unlike stick-built construction, the factory walls can be partially assembled and prepped for installation, while simultaneously, the job site at the factory can begin prepping for installation. With these two processes occurring concurrently, modular construction is able to reduce the overall project time for your facility.  Perhaps more importantly, once the factory wall components are delivered to your facility, the installation process is far more convenient as well.  Fast installation at the project site helps to minimize the overall disruption in the factory, allowing companies to get back to normal (or better!) as soon as possible.   Finally, a faster overall project time means a faster return on your investment.  Whether you are subdividing your factory space or providing additional offices for your building, using a modular solution will help you reap the benefits of your new structure quicker than traditional construction.

Modular Factory Walls Provide Future Flexibility

  Modular OfficeIf 2020 (and 2021) has taught businesses anything, it is that flexibility is a vital characteristic of successful companies.  Modular walls are able to provide factories a great deal of flexibility going into the future.  Panel Built's modular wall systems are semi-permanent in nature, allowing for companies to easily uninstall, relocated, or reconfigure the wall systems at a later date.   For example, one of Panel Built's most frequent requests is to install a modular office into a facility.  For these projects, Panel Built can offer a number of ways for companies to upgrade their office in the future.  Two Story In-Plant OfficeFirst, Panel Built modular offices are easy to expand.  Many factories like to keep their engineering team close to the manufacturing floor for convenient communication between plant workers and engineers.  As your production needs grow, so will the number of engineers and size of the engineering office.  Panel Built can allow you to use your existing space and materials to add on to the office already in place.  This can be done by adding on extra office space to the outside of the building, or the entire building envelope can be expanded to give you a bigger open office design.  Second, Panel Built can design your initial office building with a load-bearing roof. Now, these roofs are already a great option for facilities looking to use the top of the office space for an additional storage area.  Pre-assembled Office with Large Windows However, for these growing companies, a load-bearing roof can easily be adapted to add a second level to your office. Panel Built can provide two or three-story modular offices to offer extra office space without taking up more room on the factory floor.  Third, Panel Built modular offices can be easily relocated.  As companies expand, your work process can change, resulting in a reconfiguration of your factory's layout.  Panel Built's modular offices can easily be uninstalled and re-installed into another area of your facility.  However, can make this even easier for companies that need space but envision an office relocation(s) in the near future... Panel Built can deliver your office space pre-assembled atop a forkliftable steel base.  This allows for your office space to be easily picked up and moved around the factory, wherever it is most needed. And, if your company decided to relocate, this is one of the few office systems that you can take with you without even having to take it apart!
Panel Built has a variety of factory wall solutions to help you create the perfect factory layout for your business.  Panel Built has been a modular construction provider for over 25 years, supplying modular structures to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to our local school system.  Panel Built's mission is, "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service," and we aim to do just that on every project we work on.   If you have any questions about our factory wall systems or would like to get a quote on your own project, just let us know! We are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.  You may reach us through our phones at 800.636.3873, sending us an email to, or through our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.