Finding the Best Modular Shipping Office Suppliers


best available modular shipping offices for saleMany businesses contain a warehouse where products are shipped out to customers. Some companies have a designated area that handles the shipping. Usually, the shipping manager handles all of the paperwork such as the shipping labels and as well as the invoices or bills of lading for the shipping companies that are used to handle the shipments. While some companies may have a specific office set up for the shipping manager or shipping department, many companies do not have a shipping office

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  Shipping manager may only have a desk in the middle of the warehouse. Other shipping managers may not have a specifically designated workspace. This is where it is ideal for a company to consider purchasing a pre-made shipping office. These are usually manufactured by modular shipping office suppliers.

What Types of Modular Shipping Offices are Available?

Pre-made shipping offices can be either simple cubicles or full sized offices that have a window and a door that can be opened and closed for privacy. A cubicle usually consists of three or four walls that can be put together either at the manufacturer or onsite in a company’s building. The cubicle walls usually have a metal frame that holds either foam or drywall panels. These panels are usually painted or covered with a form of a fabric. Items can be hung on the walls with tacks, staples or push pins. Cabinets can and desks can be installed and attached to the cubicle walls or can be freestanding. Some cubicles can have doors installed so that employees can close and lock them for either privacy or security reasons. Most cubicles do not have a ceiling. Cubicles are an inexpensive way to create individual office spaces. Full-sized office spaces can be fully enclosed and include doors and windows. When considering to have a modular shipping office installed the amount of space available should be taken into serious consideration. In most warehouses, most of the space is taken up by product inventory and equipment. Having a modular office space installed will take up a considerable about of space that could be better used for another purpose. One way to save on space but still be able to accommodate a modular shipping office is to have it installed on a mezzanine. A mezzanine is a raised platform that has stairs leading up to it. The modular shipping office can sit on top of the mezzanine leaving space available under the mezzanine to be used for another purpose. Using a mezzanine is a great to provide both the new modular shipping office and free up the space where the office would have been placed if it were at ground level.

What Makes Panel Built a Leader in Modular Shipping Office Suppliers?

Panel Built has been in business since 1995. Our company history is based on the quality of the products that we build, deliver and install for our customs. We have helped to develop the industry for modular shipping office suppliers. While our business began with the construction of manufactured buildings we have grown to be able expand into various other types of building products. We have now expanded our businesses to include modular shipping offices, cubicles, mezzanines, stair systems and ladder systems. As the years have passed our quality level has continued to increase. This has helped us to gain more and more customers. Our products have a unique flexibility which makes them able to be built and arranged in just about any type of building. By adding mezzanine platform systems along with stair and ladder systems we have been able to expand on how or modular shipping offices are used and installed. We are able to provide our customers with many more options than ever before. They are able to choose how to utilize their building space rather than being limited by just how much space they have. The versatility of our products helps our customers to be able to make their buildings versatile, as well. Also, because we do such a great job at providing great products and services, our customers are willing to recommend us to other business owners. Customer referrals are a key part to our business. But our reputation speaks the most for us all on its own. Our customers are more than satisfied by level of care that we provide to them. We treat our customers as well as we treat our employees and our families. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us that we do not take for granted in any way. If our customers are not satisfied with the products and services that we provide then we are not able to provide the best customer service that we possible can?

How do I Find More Information Regarding Panel Built?

The best way to find out information about Panel Built is to visit our website. Our website contains tons of information about the products and services that we provide. We have a section on case studies of how modular shipping offices have worked for other companies and across various industries. There is a section that also provides background about our company and explains the various types of products that we build as well as how to maintain them after installation. You can select the option to have a representative contact you to provide further information and a quote. Consider Panel Built now and visit our website at /.