Have More Freedom in your Warehouse with a Steel Mezzanine


Steel MezzanineWith all of the different systems operating simultaneously in a warehouse, it’s easy for them to run into many different problems.  A flood of in inventory can lead to an overcrowded and unorganized warehouse.  And unfortunately, these types of situations tend to snowball, leading to more and more of a mess until one day your entire warehouse is in utter chaos, and you are trying to figure out what went wrong. Well, luckily you do not have to wait till it gets to this point. After all, a lot of these problems can come from simply seeing an influx in business and having a warehouse that just trying to keep up.  Especially if you’re constantly busy and don’t have a lot of time to perfectly outfit and reorganize a brand new warehouse system, but don’t worry.  You can take back your warehouse!  A steel mezzanine system can provide you with space you need to take control of your warehouse away from the inventory and back in your hands where it belongs.

What is a Steel Mezzanine?

A steel mezzanine system is an intermediate floor that would sit above your warehouse floor.  These warehouse mezzanines can be as big as your warehouse space allows, potentially providing you with a complete second floor (a 100% increase in space).  These mezzanine floors are modular bolt-together systems that are semi-permanent, meaning they can be disassembled and moved out of your facility at any time if needed.  They also come with a powder coating, allowing them to keep their color and withstand the dings that come along with being in a warehouse or manufacturing facility.  They also come with numerous decking options: Advantech, Resindek, welded grating, and concrete.  Each one is built to satisfy OSHA codes for safety and can be designed to comply with IBC standards as well.

Warehouse MezzanineHow Will a Mezzanine System Address the Problems in our Warehouse?

A mezzanine system brings you freedom to your warehouse via a number of avenues.  Over the course of our 21 years in operation, our mezzanine systems have had countless different uses in various types of warehouse spaces and facilities.  In certain cases, material handling companies will integrate our mezzanine systems into their logistical designs.  The steel mezzanine will often times hold a conveyor system and will allow the flow of inventory to move throughout the warehouse, above the floor, and out of the way of any ongoings below.  Similarly, a mezzanine can be used at a catwalk system, allowing employees to safely move from one end of the facility to the other.  And of course, these systems can be used as a nice giant storage space for your inventory.  Since the mezzanine floor sits above the warehouse floor, you can essentially double the amount of storage space that you can have in your facility, transforming your warehouse entirely. As you can see, a mezzanine system provides you with the freedom to utilize your warehouse to its greatest ability.  You will not have to be bogged down with an overflow of inventory, disrupting the ergonomics of your warehouse system.  Instead, you can utilize the one thing most warehouses have plenty of, space above the warehouse floor!  Now, all of that unused space will reach its greatest potential.  Whether you want to increase your ability to move product in and out of your facility (conveyor system) or want to provide yourself with more storage space during your busy season, a warehouse mezzanine provides you with all of the space to get it done, and you will finally feel as though you have the freedom to run your warehouse again.
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