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Having an office is important on so many different levels: it gives you a place to focus, to get away from the hustle and bustle from the outside work and a place to get down to business and get stuff down. With certain businesses, sometimes having a traditional office is just not possible. Sometimes, in work that is done “in the field,” like construction, an office is just not possible to have. However, contractors or site managers may need an area away from the actual construction to focus and work on plans. For these people, an office is important to be able to discuss plans, work on future developments and have team meetings to discuss progress. Not being able to have a fully-functioning office means the loss of productivity and structure. In such a business, having some sort of structure that the team can gather and meet in from time to time is extremely important to have. The issue is: building an office from the ground up not only takes a lot of time and work, but also is extremely unreasonable. In the construction world, building an office on each different work site just sounds ridiculous. Instead, would it not be great to have a “pop-up” office that can be transported to the field and is able to be removed and transported to the next site as projects get completed? In reality, this type of office is the most reasonable. If this sounds good to you, then we at Panel Built have the perfect option for your needs. We offer a modular shipping office that is not only easily transported from field to field, but is simply shipped to your location for you, ready for use! The great thing about the shipping office for sale on our site is that it can be shipped to your location in just two days. With benefits as great as these, what is stopping you from getting your new modular office for sale on Panel Built? Modular Office


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When searching for companies that sell modular office online, there are several qualities that you should look for in that company and their products. First of all, the company should offer super cheap shipping office prices online. With a modular office, shipping can get expensive. However, it does not have to be. We at Panel Built have created an extremely affordable plan for office-seekers and have lowered the prices as low as possible for you. The shipping office price can be easily calculated on our site and once calculated, you will find that the price to buy your new modular office is much cheaper than you may have expected.

We pride ourselves on delivering your new office to you in just two business days, because we, unlike many modular shipping office suppliers, know how precious your time is. Many modular shipping office services available online do not offer you the benefits that we at Panel Built do. We offer two distinct options for shipping that might fit your needs better than others: we can either have an LTD carrier deliver it to your site, or you can come pick it up at an easily accessible location close to your area. Having an LTD carrier deliver the modular office to your area is perfect for those who do not have time or the equipment to transport the office to their site. When searching for where to buy shipping office, look no further: you have stumbled upon the perfect fit for you.

When you order a modular office for your business, there are several things that you will be getting. Your new modular office is not just four walls and a floor. This is a fully-functioning office that provides you with all of the benefits that a traditional office does. We offer the option of either eight or ten foot walls to meet your needs of how large or small you would like your office to be. All of our walls are covered with GYP panels with a polystyrene core for maximum strength. Your office is built for maximum strength, so that no wind, rain or other elements is able to take it down. Your new modular office can also come in a variety of colors, including champagne, grey or white. You can also make your doors and trims match your walls and flooring if that is an option you would like.

All offices will also come with a built-in HVAC unit, so no additional wiring or electrical work will be necessary to make the office usable. Setting up the office is as simple as plugging in a lamp. The windows in the office will be one fourth inch thick clear tempered glass, making it some of the strongest windows you will ever be able to find in a modular office. Making a custom office specific to your needs is extremely possible when you purchase a Panel Built modular office. No matter what specifications you need met, we are able to take on the customization of your projects. A simple call for a quote is all that is needed to take on the project of getting you your new modular shipping office. Are you ready to get the perfect modular office of your dreams? Call us today for a quick and easy quote to get started.