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Security is important both at home and the workplace. If you have security personnel at your premises, you should get them guard booths. Guard booths, also known as guard shacks or guard houses, are intended to protect occupants from extreme weather conditions. The houses are versatile and have different applications. They are commonly used as building or compound access control checkpoints, border inspection posts and observation towers. The structures are not only meant for security personnel; given their versatility, they can also be used to house ticket vendors and parking lot attendants.Ballistic Guard House At Panel Built, we have a wide range of prefabricated guard booths that will fit your requirements. The prefabricated houses are affordable, require low maintenance and are durable.  The houses are made of welded steel and are customized to the specific security and comfort need of each client. Guard Booths for Different Industries We have supplied security booths to numerous governmental organizations, commercial and residential clients. Among our clients are government offices, nuclear power plants, military facilities, airports, private industries and research facilities both within the country and abroad. Our guard booths are a ready-made solution to different security requirements. The fact that they are assembled at the factory means the overhead cost of starting a new construction on the site is low. Moreover, the installation is fast, eliminating time wastage. Over the years, we have worked with clients from different industries. The immense experience our team has acquired while working with these different clients is invaluable when we are assessing your security needs. Having installed numerous guard booths for various clients with different security requirements, at we will be able to advise you accordingly. For every project we are called upon to fulfill, we assess our client’s needs before installing any booths. We will work with you to ensure you get the perfect fit for your needs. Order a Guard Booth for Your Business When you contact us for guard booths, all we will need to get started is a simple sketch of the booth you require. From there, we will be able to assist with other aspects such as actual guard booth architectural design and floor plans. Our project manager will always consult you to ensure the project is on the right track and is done to your satisfaction. Our sales representatives are always on call to receive you queries on our prefabricated guard houses. The sales team can do the initial analysis of your security requirements and advise you on the available options.  You can also get the best quote for the guard house that is tailored to your specifications from our sales team. After the initial analysis, we will use your requirements to determine the guard house options that will work for you. Some of the common options available include:
  • Standard guard house
  • Bullet proof guard house
  • Security guard shack
  • Portable trailer mounted guard house unit
Regardless of your security requirements, we have a booth for you. We are confident of our booths and guarantee that the units will live up to your expectations. To better serve you, we will need to know the location where the guard booth will be installed. This is important as each state has a different set of Codes governing the installation of factory assembled structures. These Codes will influence the solution that we will offer as they regulate the type of factory assembled structures allowed in that particular state. Even though the typical application of a guard booth differs from other factory-assembled structures, they have been categorized together. We are confident that our guard booth units surpass the model building codes in most states. Benefits of Guard Booths If you are installing guard booths are your business premises, you will benefit from tax advantages. The booths are categorized as movable furniture and are therefore not taxed.  Moreover, their installation takes a significantly shorter time than building a booth on your own would take. Since the materials come pre-fabricated from the factory, the only thing our team will do is assemble them to create the booth.Prefabricated Building Prefabricated guard houses may seem a costly investment in the initial phases. However, their benefits are clear and you will end up saving in the long term. The booths are made from durable welded steel that lasts long and requires low maintenance.  No special cleaning apart from occasionally wiping off dirt or dust from the booth is required. Many organizations have benefited from our quality guard houses and you can be among them. At Panel Built, we work with our clients from the onset to understand their needs and provide working solutions for them. We are confident of our work and offers satisfaction guarantee and warranty on them. Click here for more information and/or a quote on prefabricated guard booths from Panel Built.