Get More Space at Your Workplace with Modular Inplant Offices


When you need extra space at your workplace, perhaps a place for employees to take a break or a lunch room, talk to us. Panel Built has been helping companies save on office space by installing attractive and functional modular inplant offices. These offices are customized for our clients’ distribution centers, factories or warehouses to meet their needs. The offices are well-lit and provide a clean environment to work. You can use modular inplant offices as smoking shelters, cleaning rooms or guard houses. We provide full modular offices made of quality components. Our office structures feature standard 3" thick modular walls that are available in a variety of surface finishes. Our interior modular offices, mezzanines, mezzanine systems and exterior aluminum metal buildings are among the most flexible in the industry today.

 The Benefits of Installing Modular Inplant Offices

There are many benefits of using modular offices. These great pre-designed and pre-fabricated rooms are not only affordable and functional, but they are also long-lasting. Here are some benefits of going modular:
  • Built to Code The plant offices are code compliant and are easy to incorporate in your distribution center or warehouse. You can design them to adapt to any space you have at your premises.
  • Fast The offices are built with finished panels that are ready to assemble. Panel Built can install these additional in-plant work areas in no time, and without all the noise and dirt that is normal with conventional constructions. You can have additional office space in your premises within a day, which is important for your operations and bottom line.
  • Tax Advantage You will save on taxes with modular inplant office. While conventional construction is depreciated over 39 years, our products qualify for a 7-year depreciation period. This means you will recoup your investment sooner. Moreover, you will not be liable to pay any property taxes since the offices are considered moveable equipment.
Panel Built is committed to providing quality modular offices that are durable. We stand behind our workmanship and offer a warranty for every office that we install. With our years of experience in a wide array of standard and custom jobs, we will help you through all the steps of installation to ensure you do not lose working hours due to the construction. Depending on the type of office you are looking for, installation can take from a few hours to a few days. All the materials we use are prefabricated to reduce construction time.

Maximize Your Premises Space with Modular Inplant Offices

With careful planning and an eye for design, Panel Built will help you maximize the space at your premises. To begin, we will carefully consider the number of people that will work in the modular office. We do this to ensure that the design of the office will leave enough rooms for the worker to remain comfortable. There should be enough room for workers to move around at will. Panel Built specializes in installing pre-fabricated modular building systems such as clean rooms, in plant offices and more. With over 15 years experience in the design of modular offices, you can be sure you will get durable shelf units or custom designed buildings that will reduce your cost of doing business. Our teams of skilled craftsmen use superior quality and military grade materials that meet all the OSHA requirements. Our modular inplant offices are not just “boxes”. They are fully functional workspaces that range from small, single-level modular offices to mezzanines, and multi-level complexes. These offices come in a variety of configurations, colors and sizes to fit your specific requirements. Panel Built is one of the leading companies specializing in modular in plant offices design and installation. You can be sure that our team will be able to come up with design offices that meet your specific requirements without going over your budget. Any business looking to save on space should consider in plant modular office and furniture. Installing a modular office is viable and economical for any business that is looking for a way to efficiently utilize the available space. Moreover, with a wide variety of attractive designs to choose from, your workers will love the ease and safety of these convenient offices. Our broad line of products that we use to build modular in plant offices or enclosures include an extensive selection of moveable walls and interchangeable accessories. Our modular offices are pre-fabricated and quick and easy to install. This ensures that you will not halt your daily operations during the construction of the offices. The installation process does not disrupt normal activities and offers a structural soundness comparable to none. Click here to learn more about our modular in plant office installation service.