Get the Most Out of Your Facility With Modular Mezzanines


One of the biggest challenges for a growing company is finding new space.  As your company grows larger and produces more, eventually, changes will be made to address these needs.  Luckily, businesses have many options when it comes to adding space, including purchasing new facilities and adding on to your existing building.  However, Panel Built offers companies another opportunity to introduce more space to their facility - modular mezzanine systems.  This post will go over the many benefits of our mezzanine systems and how they can help you increase the usable space in your facility. 
Getting The Most Out of your Facility With Mezzanines
Growing pains are a bittersweet part of running a business.  While they do produce a lot of challenges for your company, they also indicate that you are doing something right.  However, businesses do not want to move from their current location to address these needs in many cases.  Their current location is successful for them, which is why they require more space in the first place. 

Now, what if you could create new, usable manufacturing and office space inside your existing facility?  Panel Built's modular mezzanine systems allow businesses to do just that for most manufacturing and warehousing applications. 

Panel Built understands that every project is different and each facility has diffrent needs.  Our bolt-together system allows companies to create unique platforms for their facilities to fix this.  Whether our customers need a simple 10'x10' storage platform or a multi-story super mezzanine, Panel Built will help you find the best space solution for your needs. 
Traditionally, our mezzanine systems function as a storage platform, perfect for businesses looking to store additional materials, machinery, or equipment.  However, with the highly customizable nature of our structures, they can serve a wide range of functions around your facility...  

For example, you can create entirely new pathways through your facility with a metal catwalk.  Our mezzanine systems form the perfect, free-standing catwalk system with options for foot traffic and pallet jacks.  Adding these new lanes to your facility clears up the traffic for the area below.  This relief can create a more efficient warehouse for overcrowded facilities and even make it safer.  Clearing up traffic on the facility floor makes accidents less likely with fewer moving parts for forklift operators to keep track of.  
How Do Modular Mezzanines Work? 
A mezzanine, by definition, is an intermediary floor between two floors in a building that is at least partially open, overlooking the floor below.  They will likely be found in theaters and auditoriums to provide additional seating.  Panel Built's mezzanine systems function exactly the same.  The bolt-together system is designed to be easily brought into your facility and then put together piece by piece to form your new platform.  

The mezzanine components are fabricated off-site in our specialized modular construction facilities.  So, when the components are delivered to your facility, they are ready for immediate installation with minimal on-site disruption.  Our prefabricated system is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to add additional space to your facility, making mezzanines a growingly popular choice for companies with growing pains. 

Panel Built works with businesses all across the country to help them address their space needs with our mezzanine systems.  Operating all across the country, Panel Built works with a network of installers to provide a full service across the United States.  As a customer service driven company, Panel Built strives to provide the perfect space for you and your facility.  With our network of dealers, Panel Built is able to deliver a highly customized structure perfectly tailored to fit your facility.  Their experience in the material handling industry, coupled with our product expertise, makes for the best possible solution for your business. 
Working in the Modular construction industry for over 25 years, Panel Built has the knowledge and expertise to maximize the potential of your facility.  To upgrade your space without moving to a new facility, reach out to Panel Built today to get started on a mezzanine project of your own.  Our customer service driven team is more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.  If you would like to get started, reach out to us today at 800-636-3873, send us an email to, or reach us in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.  At Panel Built our mission is, "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service."