Panel Built's International Commerce is Recognized with a GLOBE Award!


This December 6th, Panel Built, Inc. was recognized by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) for doing business internationally.  The GDEcD presented the Georgia Launching Opportunities by Exporting, or GLOBE award, to Panel Built at the State Capitol building in their sixth annual ceremony.  Overall, the award ceremony was created by the GDEcD as a way to recognize the work Georgia businesses do in international markets within the past year. 

This year's ceremony featured 36 individual Georgia businesses ranging from medical devices to software development to craft brewing.  The awards ceremony, while recognizing businesses of all sizes, placed an additional emphasis on the contributions of Georgia's small businesses to the international climate.  If you looked at all of the GLOBE award winners, three out of four would be considered a small business with less than 100 employees, and nearly half have 20 employees or less.  

The 2019 GLOBE Award winners include...

Georgia GLOBE Award Winners

    • Agri International LLC
    • American 3B Scientific
    • Aventure Aviation
    • CocoaTown
    • Crider Foods
    • DataSeers
    • Delta Sigma Company
    • Discover Destinations, LLC
    • Easy Bar, Inc.
    • GF Health Products, Inc.
    • Hydro Dynamics, Inc.
  • Jaxx Bean Bags
  • KF Armory LLC
  • LDX Solutions
  • Matrix Surgical USA
  • Pain Care Labs
  • Panel Built
  • Pivot Global Partners
  • Plurium Technologies
  • Plus Materials, Inc.
  • Poriferous LLC
  • Prime Retail Services, Inc.
  • Quantum Aviation Solutions
  • Rackettown Mustangs
  • Richland Distilling Company
  • SteelCell of North America, Inc.
  • Sumo Robot League
  • SweetWater Brewing Company
  • TDK Components U.S.A., Inc.
  • Tecme Corporation
  • The Seydel Companies
  • The Tru-Nut Company
  • TOMCO2 Systems
  • Trans Globe
  • Valtorc International
  • Vital4

All of these companies moved into new international markets, including Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico.  Of these companies, six were given special distinctions as Georgia Exporters of the Year and New to Export.  Paine Care Labs, The Seydel Companies, and Crider Foods were chosen as Exporters of the Year, and KF Armory LLC, DataSeers, and Trans Globe were recognized as New to Export.  

These awards are just one of the many ways the Georgia Department of Economic Development works to recognize and foster the growth of Georgia businesses large and small.  Established in 1949, the GDEcD acts as a resource current and future Georgia businesses.  The deparment has seven distinct divisions: Global Commerce, International Trade, Workforce, the Georgia Centers of Innovation, Tourism, Film, Music & Digital Entertainment, and the Georgia Council for the Arts. The GDEcD is one of the main contributing factors to Georgia's status a top state to do business.  In fact, despite being commonly known for peach and peanut production, Georgia's economic production span from automotive manufacturing to movies, being ranked as one of the near the top states for film in the past few years.   

Best State for BusinessFor Panel Built, this year's GLOBE Award marks just one of the many international modular building endeavors in our history.  Working with a variety of organizations in our history, Panel Built has had many opportunities to work on projects for companies abroad.  Previously, Panel Built has worked on projects in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Morocco, Angola, Niger, and more.  As a modular construction company, Panel Built offers a unique value proposition for companies located overseas and international. Since the quality of construction can vary from place to place, Panel Built's ability to ensure a quality structure can be very appealing in certain areas, or depending on the entity, they may require that the structure be American-made.  

These international projects can include a variety of different structures, ranging from ballistic rated security booths to multi-story modular offices.  A good portion of these projects are actually for the United States government in their operations overseas, involving military bases or even US embassies.

A few examples of our international projects include a bolt together steel mezzanine for a scientific lab located in the middle of Greenland's ice sheet, large exterior building for oil production into the Democratic Republic of Congo, ballistic rated buildings shipped to South Korea, and a rappel training tower installed into north Africa. 

With all of Panel Built's buildings fabricated in one of our specialized modular construction facilities, we can ensure a trusted, quality product from project to project, whether it is delivered right next door to our local school system or to a fishing boat sailing the Pacific

Working in the modular construction industry for nearly 25 years, Panel Built has had the opportunity to work on a variety of international projects, and we are always looking forward to expanding into more markets in the future.  Whether working on mezzanine systems, cleanrooms, ballistic rated buildings, or modular office systems, Panel Built can deliver a quality structure to anywhere around the world, and these projects are oftentimes delivered with the assistance of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, who offers a variety of assets and insights to help us do so. With GDEcD's global knowledge of a variety of markets and specialized representatives, we're able to navigate nearly any international marketplace with ease.  

Panel Built would like to give a big thanks to all of those responsible for the GLOBE Award: GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson, Deputy Commissioner Mary Waters, and the Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.  All of these members of the Georgia State government were kind enough to be present at the GLOBE Awards, give remarks, and take the time for photos with the award winners afterwards.  We are honored to do business in a state that is so dedicated to its companies.  

Georgia GLOBE Awards

If you are interested in working on an international project with Panel Built, Inc. or just a project here in the States, let us know! You can call us at our office at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or drop us a line in our LiveChat feature in the bottom right of this page.  We're always happy to answer any questions you may have.