Guard Houses with One Hour Fire Rated Panels


Here at Panel Built, we care deeply about our customers. We strive to make our products the best in the industry with our unique panel system. This system has allowed us to utilize our products to make them easy to construct, maintain, and to be durable. One of our most popular products is our guard houses. The reason they’re so popular is because of how versatile they are compared to other products. These booths are excellent for keeping your security personnel safe and comfortable while they’re on duty.

Why Use a Guard Booth?

Guard BoothPeople have often asked why it’s so important to use a guard booth. The truth is, security personnel are usually going to be the first people to answer a security breach. Even if they’re just guarding the entrance to a building, they still have to be alert for hours at a time. When security personnel are unable to concentrate due to being uncomfortable or feeling unsafe, this can break their focus. Using one of our top of the line guard booths not only keeps your security personnel safe, but comfortable too. These booths give your security people a climate controlled environment so they can completely focus while on duty. This is very important, especially in high risk areas where they may be exposed to more dangerous situations.

One Hour Fire Rated Panels

Our panel system is top of the line in the industry. The one-hour fire rated panel system we have is perfect for adding an extra safety measure to your both. This panel system has been used in our other products as well to help meet safety standards and to act as a precaution in case a fire breaks out. While this panel system will not completely stop the fire, it can hold it off long enough in order for help to be called. Fire has the reputation to consume everything in its path and can spread quickly if left unchecked. Our one-hour fire rated panel system will help to protect the people inside the booth. This buys them time to get out of the area immediately and to call for help.

What Else Can Booths Be Used for?

We are often asked by customers how else they can use their guard booth. We understand not everyone may need them for guard personnel, but for other purposes too. The truth is, you can use them for just about anything. Our booths have been used as ticket counters for people to handle cash, onsite offices, and even storage for equipment. We also have a variety of booths for our customers to choose from too. When you have to guard multiple entrances you can choose to have your booth fork or crane lift able. This makes your booth easy to move and means you get more bang for your buck. Why pay extra to build a new booth when you could move it to its new location?

Quick, Easy, and Cost Effective

Guard Houses with One Hour Fire Rated PanelsTime constraints are everything in this day and age. You have to do be on point and on time at any given moment. We understand when people have tight schedules they need to keep and don’t have time for traditional construction. We have a quick ship option on our guard booths for people who are interested. You can have your new booth on site read to go as soon as it’s loaded off the truck bed. This has saved many of our customers a headache since they can have what they need on time and ready to go. One of the benefits of these booths is that their cost effective too. Traditional construction can take weeks to even months just to complete one small project. Plans have to brought up for the building, labor costs, resources, and time is wasted when you need your new building right away. Our booths are there for you when you need them at an affordable price. Why waste time and money when you can have what you need at just a fraction of the cost? Here at Panel Built, we believe in our products. We are constantly pushing forward in our panel technology to bring our customers the best products available. We understand how important it is for you to have everything up and running as soon as possible. We offer a free quote and drawing to potential customers so you can experience our customer satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call so you can get in touch with one of our friendly representatives.