How a Guard Shack can Save your Business


As your business grows there is a need to keep it protected, which is sometimes easier said than done. That being said, you will undoubtedly find that you need to install a guard shack, perhaps in a number of different places throughout your facility. The first and most obvious place for you to set your guard shack of course will be outside of the building, and you might even want to employ more than one of them for obvious reasons. You can easily create a perimeter of guard shacks around your property, and these shacks are actually much more efficient that you might realize. In the past a guard shack might have been a single building, cut off from the rest of the facility, save for a phone line, but now you have the ability to connect your guard shacks to your main building in ways that you might never have imagined before. What do we mean by this exactly? With technology at in its current state, you can easily have a computerized guard station that will not only stand the test of time, but will ensure you know everything that happens outside your building. From individuals who have been turned away, to ID cards that have been swiped. There will be no limit to the information that you have, and it is all thanks to the guard shacks that will be installed on your property. That is, without a doubt, one of the greatest innovations that your business can enjoy. Guard shacks have come a long way, without a doubt, and they are now one of the most popular and important add-ons a business can have.

Indoors or Outdoors

We mentioned before that you can place a guard shack anywhere you like, and this even includes the inside of your factory, if you would like. You can have one outdoors, and you can set one up to greet visitors as they walk into your facility. The sky is the limit, and you will even find that these shacks can be air conditioned, providing a comfortable, high tech, yet traditional structure for your property. In many ways the guard shack will act as an entity all its own, but it is still connected, and still very much a part of the big picture. Guard shacks are not only useful, they are extremely resilient and often designed to be fire proof. At Panel Built, we will not only deliver you a quality product, we will ensure it lasts.

Ours or Yours

Panelbuilt is a company that prides itself on the ability to deliver to the customer in more ways than one. When asking where to buy portable guard booths, Panelbuilt should be the only answer, and for obvious reasons. Our guard shacks are modular, and this entails several things. First of all, you will find that we offer our own very typical yet function design, but if you want to take things to the next level, you do have the ability to design your own or make your own specifications. Furthermore because these ARE modular guard shacks, you can add on to them in any way you wish after the fact. You could even use on of our guard shacks as an expansion – the choices are simply unlimited when you use our products.

The Five and Five

Our guard shacks are not only ready to ship in just five short days, they are also available in five different sizes. Using high quality steel panels and a powder coated steel base, we ensure the highest quality and the greatest number of guard shack options on the market. Our shacks include:
  • Interior Countertop
  • Window
  • Roof-Mount HVAC Capabilities
  • Sliding Window
  • Electric Load Center/Duplex Receptacles
Not only are you buying a great guard shack, you are buying a guard shack that is ready for virtually anything, and that’s value that you can buy.

Different Applications

Guard booths can do far more than simply ‘guard’ and entrance or exit. Because they are small and can be placed virtually anywhere, they are often considered to be cheap ticket booths available for sale. Ticket kiosks are important to any event, no matter what it is. It could be an outdoor concert, it could be a traveling carnival. There are many reasons and places to use a ticket booth, and you might even choose to simply use the guard shack as an information kiosk. From here you could distribute maps of your venue, offer help to wayward visitors, or simply be available in the event anyone needs help. Having one of these kiosks/guard booths can really make all the difference at any even whether the location is permanent or temporary, which brings us to the best part. Because the booth is modular, it can simply be picked up and moved – anywhere .All you need is a forklift and a willingness to take that thing anywhere you want. These kiosks are without a doubt one of the greatest additions to any building no matter what you choose to use them for. Take a look at our options today and see what they can do for both you and your business. When it comes to guard shack, there is always a need.