How a Mezzanine Can Increase Profits in a Metal Building


modular in-plant officeMezzanine platforms can be easily installed and custom built for your metal building. At literally the fraction of the cost of expanding your entire building or building a complete other floor, we at Panel Built, Inc. are huge advocates for using a Mezzanine to create more space to work within your preexisting space. One of the main advantages of this customizable level is the ability to install a modular in-plant office for management and observation from above. Another huge advantage is amount of money your company will save by keeping everything as-is on the ground level and simply putting additional needs, such as an in-plant office, on a Mezzanine level; moving large pieces of equipment can be time consuming and difficult. At Panel Built, we provide the highest quality metal and promise ease of installation for all of your expansion needs.

What exactly is a Mezzanine?

A Mezzanine is another level that is installed within the height and width confines of your current metal building, without actually being a full floor. This level is created using custom cut platforms supported by metal beams. These platforms typically border a wall and instead of spending the money to create an entire second floor, the platform creates that space while also keeping the bottom level somewhat open – especially if observation and supervision is needed from a balcony. A Mezzanine is set between floors if there is more than one story, but in some metal buildings there is just a ground floor with hazardous equipment and a Mezzanine level or modular in-plant office. The word “mezzanine” is French, and is also borrowed from the Latin word “medianus” and Italian word “mezzano”, all meaning middle.

What are the advantages of a modular in-plant office?

Our modular in-plant offices and observation decks provide space and supervision. An elevated platform gives a birds-eye advantage of conveyors, workers, construction equipment, and all activities below without being intrusive. Our Mezzanine observation decks come with the appropriate decking material needed, metal railing for the balcony, heavy duty columns, and we utilize 4-MIL powder coated steel components for durability. A modular in-plant office provides safety, quiet, proper lighting and a temperature controlled room for supervisors that they may not have on the ground level with noisy equipment. We have a variety of paneling to fit the color scheme of your company’s metal building.

How will I save money and increase profits with a Mezzanine?

Expanding metal buildings comes with its own set of architectural and financial challenges. Creating a completely different floor inside your metal building is extremely expensive, especially because you and your architect are limited to the existing perimeter and shape of the building. A Mezzanine is customizable to the size of your walls, and each platform can be as large or as small as you need, which will save your business money rather than installing a full floor. Panel Built MezzanineAside from being customizable, Mezzanines also save space on the full floors of metal buildings. Simply put, saving space for production will increase profits by allowing more products to be built, more conveyor space to keep production lines moving, and more storage space for your needs. Installing an in-plant office on a Mezzanine will save the space underneath for production and increased profit. Adding an in-plant office, break room, cleaning room and/or cooling room on a Mezzanine platform will also reduce the amount of accidents that occur on the production lines by separating your workers on break from the machines. Less injuries within the company means fewer lawsuits or worker’s compensation that needs to be paid out. Visitors, especially investors in your company, will expect a safe place to view the production and will be more inclined to support a company that allows this to happen from a safe distance. A Panel Built, we pride ourselves in being custom project experts, and offer the easiest, most cost effective ways to let your expansion plans come true without breaking the company bank.