How Modular Buildings Can Become a Solution for School Overcrowding


Exterior SecuritySchools these days are becoming more and more crowded, and don’t have a lot of options for stretching out. First, most schools are landlocked, and can’t expand past their set borders because of a lack of land. Second, schools barely have the financing to pay their teachers, let alone build a new building! The funding alone is the hardest obstacle for schools to overcome when it comes to crowding, and can force a school to turn children away. However, modular buildings can become a solution for school overcrowding, and has already started changing the world around it! Here at Panel Built, our goal is to help out schools and make sure that every child has a way to get their education, all without draining the school’s budget!

What is a Modular Building?

A modular building, also known as a prefabricated modular building, is essentially a box that is created off site and transferred in. It can be a standalone building, similar to a mobile home, or it can be installed right up against another building. However, it’s not built on site, and is not technically mobile on its own. The modular building is usually transported in on a flat bed and installed with a large crane that can lift the box. They’re also held to the same standards as the local buildings, following all the same codes in the final product. This way you get a fully functional box that can be utilized for whatever you need, whether it’s a classroom, office, or public museum!

Advantages of a Modular Building

Modular buildings are easily constructed, since they’re essentially boxes made in a factory, and can be built in a matter of days, if not sooner. They’re a fully functional room that is already up to code and brand new, and doesn’t require a bunch of financing and construction contracts or time lost in building. The order is placed, the modular building is shipped, and the installation takes a fraction of the time. The modular building can be put in on a Saturday and have the classroom ready for the next class by Monday. The way that modular buildings are built offers a huge amount of flexibility in placement. A school that is land locked cannot take up more land for their building, but they can add another floor to their modular building! Panel Built modular buildings can be stacked, almost like building blocks, to build a structure as large as you need it. Instead of spreading out, schools can now build upwards in order to still maintain the size they need to educate all the children.

Why Should a School Choose Modular Buildings?

Modular BuildingsIf a school has the ability to build on site, why not decide that? While we recommend choosing whatever will suit the school best, we always suggest modular buildings for a rapidly changing school. Site buildings tend to become permanent installations that cannot be easily expanded or grown. Modular buildings are a permanent installation that can always be added to, and again requires little downtime for installation. A school doesn’t have to shut down their entire wing or wait for summer in order to expand, and they don’t have to force their teachers and students to suffer from overcrowding at the same time! Modular buildings are also affordable for any size school, no matter the budget. They’re usually less expensive than a site build, especially since everything’s wrapped up into one prebuilt room. There’re no hiring construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and inspectors, just installers for the building. Altogether, a modular building is a quick and easy package easy to buy and set up, and saves money and time in the long run. As a comparison, it is similar to buying a premade laptop, rather than constructing one yourself. You can buy all the parts and construct it, or you can pay a flat price for the finished package to be sent to you all set up! Panel Built has been in business since 1995, and has worked every year to provide the best in buildings great and small, and provides a full line of custom work. We’ve come far since we’ve begun, and we’re aiming to get better every year. All of our products are completely flexible, and can be taken to nearly any location and built upon any other Panel Built building. They’re always up to date with your local building codes and contain state-of-the-art wiring and/or plumbing, and are backed up by our all-encompassing warranty. If you want a building made the way you want, and flexible enough to add to when you continue to grow, why not turn to Panel Built for your needs? We’ll provide you exactly what you want at a price you can afford, and you won’t have to wait forever for your new building to become installed and functional. Call us today to get your order started!