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Becoming a Modular Construction DealerPanel Built Dealer

Being the manufacturer of such a complex and unique line of products means that Panel Built, Inc. must have a lot of interaction and great communication with our customers.  Although we have a fantastic and dedicated sales team, having people to work face to face with our end customer is a must to ensure the quality of the project and the customer’s satisfaction.   Our dealers provide additional customer service that goes above and beyond what the project requires.  Working with the end customer, our dealers will make site trips to the customer’s facility in order to get a general understanding of the environment, but more importantly get the specifics on the project and build a rapport with the customer.  Using this system, our modular construction process is able to run more smoothly and assures we are able to take into account our customers’ every need. 

Who is a Typical Panel Built Dealer?

A Panel Built dealer does not have a to a have a specific job title or description.  In fact, almost anyone can be a dealer of our products!  Although most of our dealers fall into the material handling category, we have previously worked through construction, security, engineering and architectural firms as well.  We are constantly striving to find the most hardworking and knowledgeable dealers to work with and ultimately perfectly meet our end customer’s needs. They will work with the customer to find a modular construction design that addresses their needs. They oftentimes will recommend the proper material to use to tailor the structure to the customer’s specific environment and application.  However, above all else, our dealers do what it takes to ensure a 100% successful project whether it’s erecting a mezzanine, building out an office system for a warehouse facility, or facilitating the design of one of our guard houses

Why be a Dealer for Panel Built?

Besides the fact that Panel Built, Inc. is a company with over 20 years of modular construction experience, and we have completed jobs for thousands of companies across the United States and internationally, Panel Built, Inc. provides an incredible variety of ways to support of dealers.  First off, we take pride in our strong relationships with our dealers.  We understand that we could not be the strong and growing company that we are today without them.  For this reason, we try every way possible to ensure that they are able to make their sales as easily and smoothly as possible.  Our sales staff provides quotes on our modular projects between 24-48 hours.  Since we have such a unique product line, we provide technical support from our sales team to our engineering department to our installation team.  And our marketing team will provide you with all of the marketing material and product support that you will need at a moment’s notice.  We have a complete library documenting some of our most beautiful and well-engineered structures that you will be able to use to should our dependability and past success.  Plus, we have a detailed and brand new product catalog that you will always have on hand to show to potential customers or just to brush up on your modular construction knowledge.   However, the greatest reason to be a dealer for Panel Built is how easy we make the entire project for you and your company. 

First, in our factory manufacturing environment, we are about to fully control our modular construction process. Unlike stick-built construction, we are able to limit our waste in this controlled environment, meaning less damage due to inclement weather and human error. 

Second, we ensure strict quality control standards to ensure each structure is as strong as the next and as the last.  Third, our engineering department meticulously draws and revises with each quote and project that come through our system. 

Finally, Panel Built, Inc. works relentlessly to provide the perfect modular structure to the customer, no matter what bells and whistles are involved.  More than anything else, we are known for going above and beyond, taking the most difficult modular construction jobs that our competitors do not even want to touch.  That is because we are dedicated to creating the perfect solution to your space needs for every single project we take on. 

Two Story In-Plant OfficeHow to Become One of our Dealers

Becoming a Panel Built dealer could not possibly be any easier.  We have had some of our strongest dealers start out by just calling us and saying they wanted to add our structures to their product line, and that’s all you have to do.  Just get in contact with the sales rep in the territory which you want to represent, and we will get the process underway.  We can get you selling modular structures in no time.  If you are not too familiar with our product, we have a large variety of literature to help with the understanding of practically every aspect of our products.  And if any additional help is needed along the way, we have a dedicated sales and engineering team that would be more than happy to help you with any questions that may arise.  Overall, if you’ve decided you want to become a dealer for Panel Built, you can contact our sales group at to be put in contact with your area’s rep, or you can call us directly at (800)-636-3873. 

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