How to Take Advantage of Portable Guard Booths


Portable Guard BoothsHere at Panel Built we utilize pre-assembled building systems to give you fast and easy construction. We understand space, time, and and cost are valuable. Our pre-built systems are well suited for military, industrial, and even military space. When you need an immediate building solution Panel Built is ready to work for you. Our pre-built systems are pre-assembled right in our factory. We have exterior and interior systems we can have shipped directly to your site. This includes guard booths which have an ease of mobility and versatility you can't find anywhere else.

Portable Guard Booths are Perfect for Multiple Sites

We understand how in today's society life in the fast lane is necessary. The same can be said for booths as well. If you have to guard multiple gates or entrances. Having a booth you can move right away is very important. Our portable booths are perfect for guarding multiple entrances and gates. They're easily transported from place to place. So you can have them ready to use as soon as they're plugged in. There are many benefits to having a booth that's easy to transport. They're easy to order, and do not require assembly since they're ready to go almost as soon as they're set on the ground. You don't have to deal with on-site construction either. They're ready to use almost immediately and have super fast lead times. Our booths are fork lift able or can be moved with a crane as well. So if you need to move them to another spot you can.

What are Other Uses for Portable Guard Booths?

Our booths are built out of low cost, highly durable materials. So you can rest assured your security personnel are as safe as possible. Our portable booths can be used in other ways as well. Offering a wide variety of versatility you can't find in traditional constructed booths. Just to name a few possible applications our booths can be used for are:
  • Machine or Equipment Enclosures
  • Material Storage Units
  • Consultant Space
  • Lookout/Observation Towers
  • Attendant Booths
  • Guard Houses and In-plant Offices.
Our booths are also excellent for construction sites. Sometimes there are certain tools or equipment you can't have laying around on the site. Having a place where your employees can store the equipment and tools safely is a must. So when they arrive back on site the following day they can get back to work as soon as possible. Our pre-built system are also perfect for giving your employees a place to relax and be safe as well. Many booths can have an adjoining bathroom or waiting room for maximum comfort. With our booths you have a choice of custom security features to fit your needs. We understand the need for location requirements and safety. Our booths will give your security personnel maximum visibility, comfort, and utility. You can also choose your own level of security along with custom designs and styles as well. So no matter where you move your booth it will fit in with its surroundings.

What are the Benefits of a Ballistic Guard House?

Ballistic Guard HouseOur ballistic guard booths are built to deal with dangerous areas. Constructed out of durable, low maintenance materials. Your booth will have a longevity you can't find anywhere else. Their built to be tough, safe, and comfortable. Your security officers can enjoy a high level of comfort and security hard to find in other booths. Sliding doors and windows can make the booth easy to access and highly convenient. Along with enhanced visibility in a high risk environment. Our ballistic booths come with a variety of features too. Just like our other booths that are portable. Our ballistic booths are fork and crane lift able with a steel base. These features include:
  • All levels of UL and NIJ Ballistic Protection
  • Fork/Crane Liftable Steel Base
  • Lightening Protection, PA, and Security Systems
  • Offered in a Variety of Sizes and can be Painted Your Custom Color
  • Insulated and Weather Proof with HVAC Systems
  • Available in Shed, Gable, or Hip Roof
If you're worried about your booth fitting into your architectural setting, don't be. We have a wide variety of colors, custom roofs, and facades for you to choose from. So your booth will blend in with the existing architecture. With a portable booth you have fast mobilization at a moment's notice. They're one of the best solutions for guarding multiple entrances and gates too.