Increase your Security with a Panel Built Guard Shack


How seriously do you take your security? There are many threats out there that you will need to mitigate, and with that being the case, you have quite a bit of work to do. You ca install an alarm system, of course, and this will help to keep intruders off of your property for the time being. This, however, is not the only thing that you should do. All the automated systems in the world will not be able to completely outsmart a human being. Electric fences, spike traps, cameras, laser tripwires, all of these are great ideas, but human beings have the unfortunate ability to think, and that is what makes us special amongst all of the other animals in our ecosystem. We aren’t the strongest, and we aren’t the fastest by any means. If we were, we would most certainly have an unfair advantage. What we can do is think, we can outsmart, and most importantly, we can outsmart eachother. That being said, all of the automated security in the world won’t help you. Sometimes what you need is a good pair of eyes – human eyes, and you need them to be ever present on your property. A great start would be a modular guard shack which can certainly be built and provided by Panel Built; the premier company in steel buildings. So what uses can you think of for your guard shack? Where will you deploy it? How can you use it to protect your assets? Some of the answers might surprise you.

security  booth

What is a Guard Shack?

When you hear the word ‘shack’, you often think of a small, run down house of some type. Actually, a guard shack is small, but typically it is far from run down. If you have concerns regarding the welfare of your facility(and you probably should), then there is a good chance that you have hired security guards of some type. The guard shack, is actually an outstanding place for them to meet, rest, and compare notes. You can think of it as a sort of headquarters or office that you can add to your building with minimal effort Instead of literally building an office for your security personnel, you can actually place an In-plant Office or modular guard booth anywhere you want to get the same effect.

Pre-Made for You

These guard booths are pre-made to your designation, and as such, they will meet your highest expectations every single time. For example, you can expect guard booths to not only be insulated, but fire proof as well. Most buildings built and sold by panel built can boast fire proof materials ensuring that they will stand the test of time, or at least keep your personnel as safe as possible. There is nothing quite like having one of these amazing booths in you arsenal – the only trouble you might have, is figuring out just where to place it. Guard booth placement can be handled in a number of different ways. For example, most choose to place their guard booths on the perimeter of their property simply because it helps to see who is coming and control which cars are allowed in your parking lot. In addition to that, you can have several guard stations placed throughout the facility, each of which can serve as a relay to help determine what is happening around the facility. Guard booths can serve as your eyes and ears while keeping your guards safe. For those guard booths that are placed outdoors you will be glad to know that they can be wired for electricity and heat, ensuring that your security officers are comfortable. You can believe us when we say being comfortable goes a long way in being able to do your job. This is especially true if you are operating primarily from a small box.

A Station for Every Occasion

Because the modular guard shack is so versatile, it can be wired for virtually every occasion. From a video monitoring station, to a simple checkpoint, you have plenty of options ahead of you to consider. The best part is, it does not even need to be a guard shack enclosure in the traditional sense. Instead, you could use it for all sorts of purposes, for example, many companies use the prefabricated guard shack as a ticket vending station, and then there are those who will simply use the guard shack option as an information booth. The options are virtually limitless, and because they are so small, they can be moved almost anywhere. You would do well in choosing to utilize these in your business whether they are a part of your parking lot or a permanent addition to your building interior. Take a look at our website today; you will certainly not be disappointed various options and the opportunities to add our Panel Built guard shacks to your arsenal of business related structures. Not only are they pretty to look at, they are tough, and they are most certainly ready to stand the test of time. You will find several different types and colors available to you, and the best part, is that you can decide whether you want them delivered to you intact, or if you want to build them on location to suit your own needs. The choice is yours, but whichever way you go, you will find that this is one of the best business decisions you could have made, at least regarding your indoor/outdoor infrastructure. In any business, there is always the need for a booth whether it is for security or simply added functionality.