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Quality control is a vital process for all forms of manufacturing and fabrication. Refining your process and your product requires companies to evaluative all aspects of their production process, and this will many times begin with an inspection of the product itself. The product inspection process will typically involve a visual review of the product, looking for flaws, errors, and defects. Generally, the inspector will have a pre-determined list of details or areas to examine in which they will 'check-off' in order to show they have been looked over.

A thorough inspection process is one of the driving factors in a successful quality control process. And, of course, the inspection can and should occur throughout the many steps of your manufacturing process, not just the finished product. Inspections will oftentimes require a controlled environment to ensure accurate readings on measurements, testing, examining, and gauging the products' characteristics. For many companies, this means having specific inspection rooms designed for this very purpose.

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What is an Inspection Room?

Inspection Room
Tall Wall Inspection Room with Two High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

Inspection rooms can look fairly different depending on the manufacturing environment you find it in. For example, for a company that mass produces its products, a conveyor system may be incorporated into the inspection room to quickly and efficiently carry the products one after another. In this scenario, the inspection could be of a finished product or in mid-production. Either way, the inspection room could include one or many different product inspectors to look over to the products for any defects. However, small-batch and custom manufacturers could have an entirely different configuration; a large roll-up door will typically be integrated into the room design to allow for the easy transportation of the product.

In many cases, the driving factor in having an inspection room is to create a fully controlled environment in which your products can be examined and tested. Why would this be necessary? Much like any other testing, one of the main requirements is consistency, and inspection rooms provide just that. Temperature, humidity, noise control, and more can all be controlled through the implementation of an enclosed space for inspection. In some cases, a more pristine environment is required for proper inspection. To suit this, Panel Built can incorporate modular cleanroom elements into the inspection room design. HEPA Filters and positive pressure systems provide a way for companies to keep particles and other contaminants out of their inspection rooms to ensure a fully controlled space. Plus, although the product inspection is designed to control the quality of products produced in the facility, this step in the process (just like all others) presents a chance to introduce a defect or quality error to the products. Damage through transportation, testing, or contamination are all potential defects that can be caused simply through product inspection. Therefore, it's important to ensure your inspection room is equipped with the appropriate features to keep this threat to a minimum.

Why Choose a Modular Inspection Room?

Two Story Inspection Room
Two Story Modular Building with Inspection Room Bottom Floor

As with all of our modular products, Panel Built's modular inspection rooms present many different benefits to potential purchasers. Generally, one of the biggest advantages that we have seen with companies implementing our inspection rooms is the speed and convenience of the product's installation. In most cases, these inspection rooms are being installed into a manufacturing facility that is already in operation. These are companies that already have their manufacturing processes in place and the factory's layout configured. And oftentimes they even have an inspection area as well.

However, when companies look at the open-air inspection areas and decide 'that's not enough,' Panel Built's their best option. As a manufacturer of prefabricated inspection rooms and enclosures, Panel Built can ensure the quick and convenient installation at a fraction of the time of stick-built. With our products fully fabricated in one of our facilities, all that is left at your facility is assembly, allowing you to move into your new inspection space as soon as possible. This helps keep the disruption in your facility to a minimum, and since Panel Built offers full installation of our buildings, the entire project is taken care of turn-key.

However, beyond speed and convenience, modular construction offers much more in the realm of flexibility. As a semi-permanent structure, Panel Built's panelized wall systems can be uninstalled, rearranged, re-assembled, and added on to whenever necessary. Just as easily as the inspection room is erected into your facility it can be disassembled and moved to a new location. This can be especially beneficial to new, growing companies that may need to expand their inspection space later on down the road. Additionally, by being a semi-permanent structure, modular rooms are technically considered to be a piece of equipment, and it is taxed as such. With the equipment label, modular structures are depreciated over a 7-year term, compared to the 39 years of depreciation of new construction. In addition to time savings, modular construction shows substantial tax savings compared to stick-built alternatives.

Overall, Panel Built's main goal when delivering your modular inspection room is ensuring your full satisfaction while meeting/exceeding the level of environmental controlled required for your enclosure. By controlling temperature, humidity levels, airflow, contamination, noise levels, and more, Panel Built can help you develop an inspection environment suitable for even the most strict, high-precision product examinations. These environments can range from a variety of industries and sectors from aerospace to food manufacturing and processing.

Inspection Room with Roll-Up Door
Small Modular Inspection Enclosure with Standard Roll-up Door

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