Is There Such Thing as Bulletproof?


Is There Such Thing as Bullet Proof?

There is no such thing as entirely bulletproof material since all materials have their limitations of stopping power against different types of bullets and projectiles. However, some materials can provide varying degrees of protection against ballistic threats. 

Bullet Resistant Glass

Ballistic glass, also known as bullet-resistant glass, is designed to protect against ballistic threats such as bullets, shrapnel, and other projectiles.

Low spall glass is laminated glass designed to reduce the risk of fragmentation when hit with high-velocity projectiles such as bullets. When a bullet or other high-speed projectile strikes regular tempered glass, the glass will shatter and produce dangerous shrapnel that can cause injury or further damage. Low spall glass is designed specifically to reduce or eliminate breakage by incorporating additional layers of materials between the layers of glass. These additional layers help absorb and disperse the impact's energy, reducing the likelihood of damage.  

Ballistic glass is typically used with other security measures, such as reinforced walls or bullet-resistant barriers, to provide more protection. The level of protection offered depends on its thickness, the number of layers, and the type of materials used.   

Bullet Resistant Security Booths

Panel Built offers welded steel ballistic security booths that provide protection and security for people and property. They are used in high-risk areas such as military installations, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure. These welded booths are constructed using thick sheets of steel that create a strong and durable structure. Ballistic-grade steel is used, which is designed to resist penetration from bullets and other projectiles. The design of the booths varies depending on the intended use and the level of security required. For example, some booths are designed to be mobile and can be moved from one location to another, while others are permanent structures that are anchored to the ground. Overall, Panel Built welded steel ballistic security booths effectively provide security and protection in high-risk areas. In addition, they can be customized to meet the specific security needs of any organization or facility.  


Going modular with your ballistic security booth will be faster, cost effective. sustainable, and flexible.   

Panel Built has a variety of custom security booth solutions to help you protect your facility. Panel Built has been a modular construction provider for over 25 years, supplying modular structures to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to our local school system. Panel Built’s mission is, “To Solve Our Customers’ Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service,” and we aim to do just that on every project we work on

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