Maximizing Your Office Space With Panel Built


As companies slowly return to normal, most industries are seeing more and more employees finally shifting back to their 'standard' workplace.  Yet, the staffing and production requirements have changed entirely over the past year and a half for many companies.  For these companies, it can be difficult to magically find space in their facilities to house these extra employees, equipment, and workstations.  These issues can rise fast, and companies are constantly forced to do the best with what they have... However, Panel Built's modular building solutions allow companies to quickly address their new space needs with our custom, semi-permanent structures. 

Panel Built allows for greater future flexibility because our buildings and bolt-together steel structures can be uninstalled, moved to another location, or reconfigured into another system altogether.  Panel Built's modular systems offer more than just versatility for our customers.  To truly Maximize Your Office Space, companies must be able to take advantage of the existing space they have.  For most manufacturing & warehousing companies, this means utilizing the unused verticle space in your facility. 
Maximizing Your Office Space By Building UP!
Building upward inside your facility may seem like a daunting or unrealistic task for companies who have never worked with Panel Built before.  However, Panel Built offers various ways for companies to maximize their space utilizing our standard building components.   Take, for example, our traditional in-plant office space.  Panel Built's standard office system can create office space, encloses equipment, packaging rooms, etc. In addition, for facilities with space needs but cannot afford to give up storage area, Panel Built can integrate a load-bearing roof into the modular office design.  These load-bearing roofs can be rated for anything from light storage to heavy-duty loads by integrating our steel mezzanine systems. 
Load bearing modular offices have become a popular selection for first-time Panel Built clients.  Many customers have found that they have an immediate, vital need for office space but worry that they may need additional space in the future.  To prepare for these future needs, they can install a load-bearing office initially and install an additional second story later.  When this time comes, Panel Built can supply all the necessary materials to create the second-story office, including the stairs and access platforms. 

Panel Built multi-story office systems have been another popular option, especially for companies seeing a large influx of new employees to a particular location.  These systems have been designed to form entire office complexes with breakrooms, cafeterias, restrooms, open office areas, supervisor offices, conference rooms, and more.  Panel Built has installed multi-story offices into military bases, jet hangars, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, and more, fitting into a wide range of environments. Essentially, Panel Built multi-story offices allow you to double your usable office space in your facility without taking up the extra room on the plant floor. 
Elevating Your Office Space With A Mezzanine System
Panel Built mezzanine systems offer highly custom storage and access solutions with an easily adaptable load rating.  Over our 25 years in operation, Panel Built has integrated our modular office systems and mezzanine systems into practically any combination imaginable. As a result, Panel Built mezzanine offices are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to create a new, elevated office space within your facility.  Great for supervisor offices, mezzanine offices can provide an excellent view of the surrounding area.  In many cases, these elevated systems can be incorporated into an existing facility while only having a minor impact on the footprint below.   
Panel Built elevated office spaces can also be designed to provide much more than a work area.  Typically, Panel Built mezzanines create new storage space for facilities used to hold parts, equipment, machinery, etc. So, when combining the two, customers can create new offices and provide extra space for materials, inventory, or equipment.  Additionally, some clients elect to integrate wired partitions to enclose the bottom half of the structure.  This creates a well-contained storage crib to provide an extra layer of security for valuable tools and equipment.   Mezzanine offices allow you to add office space within practically any environment. Panel Built can install offices over equipment, conveyors, works stations, vehicles, and more, leaving only a small footprint from the columns and beams underneath. 

Ultimately, there are several ways to find additional office space in your facility using Panel Built's modular system.  As a turn-key provider, Panel Built can quickly install your modular office on-site with minimal disruption.  Additionally, Panel Built can help you uninstall, relocate, or reconfigure your office system to address new space needs in the future, unlike stick-built offices.  
Panel Built's office systems can use custom panel compositions to fit into practically any environment.  Over 20+ panel combinations are available, offering extra sound dampening, fire resistance, and/or insulative properties.  With a wide range of panel materials available, Panel Built has utilized our wall system in countless different applications within warehouses and manufacturing facilities, protecting sensitive equipment, valuable inventory, or hazardous chemicals.   

If you have any questions about maximizing the office space in your facility, let us know!  Panel Built operates in all 50 United States and internationally.  Working in the modular construction industry for over 25 years, Panel Built has the experience and the know-how to install the perfect modular office solution for your plant's specific needs.  Panel Built operates under one mission "To Solve Our Customers Space Needs With Excellence and Great Customer Service."

To get a quote on a modular office of your own, give us a call at  800.636.3873, send us an email to, or let us know in our  LiveChat  in the bottom right of the page!  Panel Built happily offers fast, no-obligation quotes for office solutions, both large and small!