Mezzanine Offices for Double the Floor Space!


At Panel Built, one of the biggest issues we help our customers solve is that of limited usable space. It is an issue that all growing companies will run into eventually, and frankly, it's a good thing. But it is a problem that must be addressed or else their facility will be busting at the seams. When it comes to increasing floor space, Panel Built has a space solution that pairs two of our biggest products together: modular offices and steel mezzanines. Panel Built mezzanine offices provide a variety of benefits and applications to companies looking to increase the amount of usable space in their facility, and we will go over a few of them in this post.
Mezzanine Offices

Provide the Perfect Space for your Facility's Supervisor

One of the main applications of Panel Built's mezzanine office systems is as a supervisor's office. In fact, we have these exact structures in our own manufacturing facilities. For our facility, we had a need to provide our plant supervisors with a comfortable and controlled space to look over fabrication plans, schedule production, and communicate with other team members. However, we didn't have the space available without pushing into the production floor. Luckily, we have seen this scenario plenty of times in the past and knew exactly how to take care of it. We designed a mezzanine office system that would provide the offices we needed without taking up any additional space! We designed the system to fit over an existing restroom area in our facility. By being able to practically stack more usable space on top of our existing facilities, we were able to double the usable floor space in that area. As an added bonus, the supervisors in the raised mezzanine offices are provided an excellent view of the workspace below so they always have eyes on production.
Mezzanine Office
Mezzanine office used as a control room
Mezzanine offices have a variety of applications in addition to just supervisors offices. In fact, nearly every application our standard modular offices are used for can be applied to our mezzanine office systems. And one of the biggest benefits of working with Panel Built on your mezzanine office is that we strive to ensure it fits your specific needs. Additionally, using a mezzanine office in your facility not only doubles the area's space, but also ensures that the personnel that inhabits the space always stay close to the factory floor. This way, in case of any urgent matters or emergencies, the plant supervisor will always be close by to help.
Office on Mezzanine
Mezzanine office allows for storage space below

Custom Mezzanine Space Solutions

Panel Built's mezzanine offices are designed to your exact specification which ensures that your extra floor space will actually fit your needs. We provide everything from a standard office space to highly custom designs to fit into a variety of different environments. Conference rooms, break rooms, or even just storage space, mezzanine offices are the solution to a variety of space needs in a facility; all while keeping valuable storage and factory floor space below.
Raised two-room office space. A quick space solution
And like every Panel Built space solution, one of the biggest benefits we provide is that we solve our customer's space needs fast. Not only do we provide a prefabricated space solution that installs easily and quickly in your factory, we also have some of the fastest lead times in the modular office industry. So, if your facility is in a space crunch and you need new office space quickly, give us a call at 800.636.3873 or send us an email to We take on mezzanine office projects of all shapes and sizes.