Modular Buildings For Sale


Frequently Asked Questions

You may be considering the use of modular building panels for your property. Modular designs are an excellent option for business owners who need extra space or want protection from environmental elements for a lower cost, less time and less impact on the working environment. Modular designs are ideal for construction sites as well as public events and businesses that want to expand their working space in a relatively short amount of time without disrupting the daily work routine. Modular building may be nontraditional, but the benefits of opting for a pre-built unit offer a financial boon to businesses.

What is a modular building?

Modular buildings function exactly like a building you would construct on site. Our specialists built these units at a factory away from the property will the unit will end up. We build these units in modules, or small sections. Our workers create these units using the same standard of materials required to build on site. We create each module of your unit individually, and up to industry standards, and then transport the finished products to your location. These smaller units connect together on site to create one building. Once completed the building appears to be one whole unit. If you need to relocate your modular unit, you can disassemble and transport the building to your next location..

Are modular building systems safe?

Our modular building systems are perfectly safe. Because we build these units in sections that all must be suitable for transport, these buildings are often sturdier than most on-ground constructions. The material used for these units must meet the same standards as the materials you would find in a traditional building. Your building will arrive on site as separate pieces, but once they are connected and sealed, your building will look like a regular build. Everything from the foundation to the seams are inspected to ensure the safety of you and your employees.

How do I order a modular building?

modular buildingsIf you are looking for modular buildings for sale, you can find a lot of information on our website. Most of our designs and materials are available on our webpage; however, you will need to contact our customer service line for specific ordering information. Browse the images and product descriptions to get an idea of the type of unit you are looking for. Once you have submitted your order we can begin putting your unit together for shipment.

Can I customize my modular building?

Your metal modular buildings are customizable. You can choose from several different metal buildings as well as additional features. Panel Built offers a variety of sizes and styles. From security booths to storage units and small buildings, you have many options. In addition to the size and style, we offer a variety of flooring and wall styles as well as windows, doors, lighting and roofing. Some structures are even compatible with roof mounted heating and cooling units.

Do industrial modular buildings affect the environment?

The immediate environmental impact of industrial modular buildings is less than that of a traditional build. Because the majority of the construction takes place off site, in a warehouse, the immediate site of the new building is not impacted by construction waste and building. There is minimal use of traffic construction equipment, which means less dust and less damage to the surrounding area. Additionally, the units are reusable and easily relocated. This means that the amount of raw materials in demand is reduced and the material used in your unit will be well used for a long time.

Will ordering a prebuilt unit really save time?

Prebuilt modular units will save a significant amount of time. In addition to eliminating nearly all impact of construction on your day-to-day activities, the construction of your unit will continue despite the any changes in the weather. Since we construct your building in a factory, rain and snow will not be an issue. In addition to the time you save during the actual construction of your building, you will also save time by being able to continue work without interruption from construction crews until the building is ready to set up.

How long does will it take for my prebuilt until to be ready for install?

modular buildings for saleSeveral factors determine how much time is necessary to complete your customized unit. The size and design of your unit as well as any additional features affect the period. For example, our quick-ship guardbooths are preassembled and come in several different sizes, these units are ready to ship out within five days. Larger projects may take several weeks. Modular buildings are becoming popular units due to their ease and cost effectiveness. A well-planned system can add additional storage space, security and protection for your property. For more information about the types of buildings we offer, visit our website or contact our customer service department..