Modular Inplant Offices


If you’re looking for companies that sell multi-story inplant offices, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re also wondering where to find inplant offices online, Panel Built sells modular offices online. Specifically engineered for flexible design, ease of installation and durability, Panel Built’s prefab modular office building systems provide safe, quiet in-plant offices for staff and visitors. Whatever your space need, Panel Built has a modular building solution. Need help planning your modular office system? No problem— Panel Built’s world-class engineering and customer service stands behind every modular office installation. A modular office system is the perfect way to keep your employees comfortable in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. Panel Built modular office systems provide a clean, well-lit and temperature controlled workspace. Put your modular office on a mezzanine for the most efficient use of space and a bird's eye view of the facility. Ideal for offices, break rooms, cooling booths, observation towers, clean rooms and equipment enclosures.

Exclusive Connection Systems:

  • Polystyrene Panels - powder-coated binder post system provides sturdy, stable connections and a raceway for electrical, phone and data.
  • A variety of custom surfaces
  • Modular Tall wall capability
  • Insulated windows

 Purchasing Your Modular Office Room

PBI’s versatility allows you a choice of wall panel designs and finishes. Our modular walls can be expanded polystyrene. We also offer a one hour fire rated core safety barrier made of steel studs and mineral wool. At the panel joints, you can utilize our exclusive 1” wide vinyl divider strip or a conventional aluminum extruded binder post. Our surfaces are limitless. Our most popular 1/2” vinyl covered drywall is great for fire, sound and cost. We also utilize aluminum, steel, hardboard, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) porcelain steel, plywood and virtually any type of surface you can laminate. Our system is the most versatile. While we are happy to supply you with a standard “off the shelf” 8’ x 10’ structure, we have the capability to make any size structure to within a 1/4” tolerance. A modular shipping office provides a fast, reliable and secure way for all your off-site office needs. You may be willing to set up your office at a construction site or in a warehouse to give your workers a safe place to work in. Panel Built now offers custom-built and swiftly delivered offices right where you want them. Panel Built’s Sales and Engineering teams work in coordination with each other to craft the ideal office based on your requirements and give you a free quote. If you choose to go ahead with the master plan, you will have your office delivered right where you want it, in just 2 business days. The shipping offices boast high quality construction and materials, and they meet the following specifications:
  • 8 or 10 feet walls
  • Gyp panels with a polystyrene core, covered with stand vinyl
  • Both sides having the same color
  • Matching doors and trims
  • A B-deck roof
  • Champagne, grey or white color

The standard design options offer:

  • Doors that are 3-0, 6-0 by 7-0
  • ¼” Thick Clear Tempered Glass Windows
  • A Standard HVAC Unit
  • A drop Ceiling measuring 2 feet by 4 feet
  • A 6” Batt Insulation
  • Standard Electrical Equipment such as duplex receptacles, switches, data and troffer lights)
To meet your desired heating or cooling needs, Panel Build’s shipping office can be equipped with powerful heating and cooling systems to ensure your comfort is not compromised. Panel Built believes heartily in satisfying the customer’s needs. This is why our customer support ensures that you are fully satisfied with your office. Our each and every product is manufactured with utmost precision and quality. The modular office building for sale at Panel Built surpass any other. We have the best modular office buildings for sale in the business. And don’t worry, we have cheap panel built in plant offices available online. If you’re wondering where to buy where to buy prefab modular office buildings, just ask for a free quote. You won’t be disappointed by a modular building by Panel Built. modular office building-for sale

Modular Inplant Offices by Panel Built—Single Story and Multi Story

When it comes to in-plant offices and enclosures, PBI does it all. From the most basic economical 10’x10’ in-plant office, to an environmentally controlled room, to a two-story industrial complex. PBI can engineer a building inside and out, and custom design a system to fit your specific production or administrative project. At PBI we understand your needs. We offer a choice of systems that easily adapt to a variety of applications and allow for fast, easy installation without compromising quality, durability or efficiency. Panel Built buildings are a cost effective alternative to conventional construction. Better than stick-built, PBI buildings offer outstanding value and price and can be depreciated over 7 years (for tax purposes) just like equipment. Panel Built offers unlimited layout possibilities using freestanding four-wall designs, or two and three wall systems, utilizing existing walls to save you time and money. Available in a variety of panel finishes, PBI can flexibly meet your requirements for acoustics, R-factors, chemical resistance and aesthetics. Our pre-coated aluminum panels are resistant to abrasion and easily cleaned. For low maintenance, our vinyl covered gypsum panels are available with powder-coated binder posts for seamless appearance. Doors and windows are carefully selected for quality and performance. PBI can effectively and economically divide your plant space with free-standing modular office complexes, environmentally controlled rooms, equipment enclosures, clean room enclosures and more.