Modular Mezzanines Available For Sale


Mezzanines Help 'Lift' Your Company's Profits

cold-rolled mezzanines available onlineThere is nowhere to go but up!  When a business facility’s space is scarce or at its full capacity, it’s time to utilize the expansive, unused vertical space and create custom-designed work areas that will instantly increase productivity and save money.  Installing a mezzanine, a raised platform supported by steel columns and independent of an original building structure, is the perfect solution to cramped or maximized space issues, and is a simple and cost-effective way to create extra work or storage space for a continually expanding company. Vertical expansion is an innovative and simple way to actually double your existing work space without the need for costly construction and the lengthy wait time and disruption to your business this always entails.  Installing mezzanines by Panel Built will not only immediately increase business productivity, but will save your company thousands and thousands of dollars because we offer you the ability to use your existing heating and cooling ducts, ventilation systems, wiring and lighting.  And because you aren’t constructing new structures laterally, there is great potential for tax benefits.

Why Go Up With Panel Built Mezzanines?

Modular mezzanines are ideal for numerous applications.  They are perfect for installation in industrial facilities that feature high ceilings, such as warehouses where the vertical unused space can be utilized for additional offices, tool storage, extra manufacturing and processing areas, catwalks, elevated plant supervisor lookouts, machine platforms, and so much more.  Whatever your operating parameters, we have a custom mezzanine that will accommodate your individual requirements. Our structures are strong and durable, and easily support two-story construction, meeting all strict state building code specifications.  Your vertical office mezzanines are tailor-made, and include a large selection of options.  Panel Built Mezzanines offer you a generous selection of structure heights and spans.  We also use impressive and attractive decking materials and stairs that can handle harsh daily traffic and large weight loads, and are very easy to maintain. Our guard rails are available in either single or double rails, and because of their high strength steel design, are durable enough to handle frequent high impact incidents.  Each and every one of our mezzanines are put together with structural-grade bolts, use heavy-duty columns and base plates, and are powder coated instead of painted, offering a high level of protection against long-term corrosion and everyday wear and tear.  Their glossy finish can be matched to any existing structures you already have to create an aesthetically pleasing and professional-quality look.

Nothing is Permanent

cheap panel built mezzanines onlineAnother great feature to installing interior mezzanines is the enormous flexibility they present.  No Mezzanine Built structure is permanent, so as your company changes, and it will, so can your floor plan and architectural layout.  Our creative designs and products can be dismantled and are meant to be expanded, enlarged, relocated and reconfigured to meet your changing needs.  All of our main base structures, as well as every handrail, stair package and swing gate, is prefabricated and then delivered right to your business site where it is assembled quickly and easily, with no interruptions to your daily business agenda. Your new vertical space can be utilized within days, because our products and convenient installation alleviate the need for lengthy permit processing times, the ongoing hassles of unreliable and unpredictable contractors, expensive engineers, outrageous labor and material costs, and noisy, messy construction, all which translate into not being able to occupy your much-needed space for many long months.  And that kind of time equals a lot of money lost.  Vertical space is untapped and valuable, and expansion with mezzanine structures just makes good sense. Panel Built has worked extremely hard to earn the continual respect of its clients, and has the reputation among both commercial and military installation facilities as having the best modular mezzanines available for sale.  We believe in our superior product, and our affordable prices.  When you purchase one of our vertical space structures, we happily include free technical and CAD drawings, exceptional service and continual support, as well as our promise of complete satisfaction.  When you need more space, we encourage you to “look up” – and Panel Built will be there to give it to you.