Modular Office Walls: Expanding & Relocating



Modular office systems have been used to provide additional office space in manufacturing and warehouse environments for decades now.  However, the semi-permanent nature of our modular office walls can offer benefits to a variety of different work environments.  School systems, retail locations, office buildings, these are all places that could modular walls to create a new office space.  In most of these cases, the walls are used to build out pre-existing areas, walling off corners of the room to create a more private and controlled workspace. 

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In addition to being easily installed with little site disruption, modular office walls can be expanded, redesigned, or relocated whenever needed.  This can turn into a huge benefit for new companies or companies moving into new spaces.  As a company grows, their space needs change, and Panel Built's modular office walls can adapt to accommodate these changes. 


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Expanding & Reconfiguring Modular Office Walls


modular-office-buildout-1Growth is always a fantastic and exciting thing for a company, new or otherwise.  However, with this progress comes growing pains.  In this scenario, having a semi-temporary office space allows for incredible flexibility that can prove to be invaluable down the road. 

Our walls are composed of a few basic components, the panels themselves, a base track, top channel, and binder posts.  The binder post system is the key component in expanding your modular office.  Binder post allows you to disassemble the wall at a later date, and add more panels to create an overall bigger workspace.  Or rooms can be added on to the size of a modular office



This would allow you to create additional office space while utilizing the pre-existing office to save money on materials and installation.  Typically in the case of a growing facility or company, the need for additional office space can sneak up and create an immediate need for new office space.

Similarly, your modular office wall system can be reconfigured to have a completely different layout. Let's say, hypothetically, you're in an office space where two departments share the same space, like Engineering and Marketing... Hypothetically... Engineering is always up in arms over the commotion that Marketing stirs up, seemingly on a daily basis.  Well, reconfiguring your modular office wall layout to wall-off marketing could be just the solution that saves the entire office. In this scenario, the company's space needs were satisfied by reconfiguring their current office layout.  By adding in a couple of extra walls in their pre-existing space, they were able to give each department some additional privacy and keep everyone happy.   Thanks to our standardized panel system, our modular office walls can even be disassembled and put back together in another completely different configuration. Don't like the location of a window in your wall system? Well, you can have it moved to another part of the wall or just have it taken out completely by adding in a replacement panel.  

Relocating Modular Office Walls

where-to-buy-shipping-office-for-saleSimilar to expanding your modular office walls, the building itself can be disassembled and reassembled in a whole new location. For a manufacturing company, this would allow them to move into a new facility, but keep their manager's office close to the factory floor.  As opposed to stick-built buildings, a modular building is an investment that you can take with you to another location.  In the case of our pre-assembled buildings, all that is needed is to be picked up, anchored in the next location, and reconnected to electricity, then it is ready to go.  By quickly addressing your space needs in your new facility, you can have the building up and running at its full potential in no time.    In this way, modular office walls act as more of a piece of equipment for a facility (and are taxed as one too). 
Overall, using modular office walls to solve your facility's space needs offers a whole new world of flexibility for your company. Our binder post system allows you to specialize the space in your facility, without committing to the change permanently and provides a calm and controlled work environment for your facility. In addition to the endless configurations our binder post system provides, the panels themselves can be manufactured out of a variety of different materials in order to fit your specific application. If you or your company is deciding on using modular office walls for your facility, just give us a call at 800.636.3873 or send us an email at As the modular building experts, we have the product expertise and know-how to provide you with the structure that will best fit your needs (and budget). If you have any additional questions about our wall panels, feel free to talk to us on our LiveChat in the bottom right!