Modular Wiring: Your Electrical Made Easy


Electrical work can be the most important part of any new building project because electricity serves as one of the most essential parts of any building, whether it is in a home, office, school, or manufacturing facility.  Because of this, proven, quality work must be done to ensure a safe, habitable environment and to prevent costly repairs.  However, Panel Built’s modular wiring system creates a convenient, consistent, and dependable way to wire your new modular office systems.  Utilizing standardized wiring components, this pre-wired, modular system can easily be snapped-together, creating a simplified way to connect the system.

What Is Modular Wiring?

Modular Wiring Details Modular Wiring is a simple electrical component system that allows for the pre-wiring of Panel Built’s building systems.  This system greatly reduces the amount of time required to install a modular office system on-site with a large portion of the wiring done in our modular construction facilities.  Unlike traditional wiring, the modular wiring allows for one component to easily snap into the next, making the entire electrical process as streamlined as possible.  Modular wiring perfectly fits into Panel Built’s panelized wall assembly.  Each wall panel is connected via a binder-post which acts as an electrical raceway for the modular wiring whips.  For our office systems that utilize our modular wiring option, the binder post systems are delivered to the job-site with the electric pre-wired, eliminating an extra step.

What are the Benefits of Modular Wiring?

  Binderpost with Modular Wiring

Overall Reduction in Labor Costs

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing modular wiring in your office system is the reduction you will see in labor costs associated with the project.  Because the modular wiring system snaps together so cleanly and efficiently, the wiring installation required at the job site is taken care of incredibly quickly. And most importantly, the majority of the modular wiring process can be completed with a standard installation crew.  The only portion of the install that requires an electrician is when the building is finally hooked up to a power source.  With electricians requiring a much higher cost per hour, the labor cost of the overall project is greatly reduced.

Flexibility for the Future

One of the primary components of Panel Built’s building systems is the ability to be re-used, re-configured, and re-located, and when using modular wiring, your electrical can do the same.  Because the systems utilize a series of snap-together cables and switch modules, the components can actually be reconfigured at a later date. With the semi-permanent nature of our modular building systems, modular wiring makes the process of uninstalling and reinstalling your building even easier.
Modular Wiring

Placing an Emphasis on Green Building

Like modular construction in general, modular wiring also promotes green building by reducing the amount of waste found at the project site.  Additionally, the entire electrical assembly can be fully installed in a much more efficient manner than traditional construction, minimizing the amount of time and resources during the installation process.  Additionally, if you decide to reconfigure your modular office system at a later date, the cables and switch modules can be easily disconnected and re-used in the next assembly.

Consistency & Quality That You Can Count On

With this modular assembly, Panel Built utilizes a standardized electrical system that we use on hundreds of projects each year.  Each binder-post system we pre-wire is assembled by one of our modular construction craftsmen, who is highly trained and specializes in that area.  This helps us ensure each modular wired electrical system we deliver is as safe, reliable, and long-lasting as next.  Additionally, all of the modular wiring components used in our buildings are UL certified and tested. 

Time & Cost Savings With Modular Wiring


Traditional Wiring


Modular Wiring

Main run from distribution board to distribution box (40ft) 85.30 Minutes Main run from distribution board to distribution box (40ft) 51.00 Minutes
Install lighting control box (inc measure, mark, and fix) 9.00 Minutes Install lighting control box (inc measure, mark, and fix) 5.00 Minutes
Connect lighting control box to distribution box (20ft) 52.50 Minutes Connect lighting control box to distribution box (20ft) 27.00 Minutes
Install switch drop cable (5ft) 54.70 Minutes Install switch drop cable(5ft) 8.00 Minutes
Run cable between 9 light fittings spaced at 5ft 209.90 Minutes Run cable between 9 light fittings spaced at 5ft 48.00 Minutes
Standard Electric
Cost based on an Electrician: $95.00 per Hour Cost based on an Electrician: $35.00 per Hour

Modular Wiring Gallery

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  That is a quick run-down on how Panel Built's modular wiring helps ensure your modular office job is finished as quickly and conveniently as possible.  After installing our modular wiring packages on thousands of different projects, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your building will be properly wired each and every time.  If you have any questions about our modular wiring systems or would like to get a quote on a building with our modular wiring option,  just give us a call at 800-636-3873 or send us an email at  We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.